Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

At the University of Toronto, workers may be required to handle, ship and transport dangerous goods, which is regulated under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act and TDG Regulations. Workplace parties must be aware of the potential hazards involved when transporting these materials. Different courses are available at U of T, depending on whether chemical, radioactive or biological materials are being transported.


EHS 910 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Chemical

Required for: Persons who will be handling, offering for transport or transporting chemicals.

Includes: 1-hour online course, followed by a quiz with a passing mark of 80%.

Description: The course covers all aspects of the TDG Regulations for Road and Rail, to assist in ensuring legislative requirements and safe practices are followed.

Refresher: This course must be taken every 3 years, in order to cover possible regulatory changes.

Notes: A Certificate of Training signed by the employer MUST be generated for any person taking this course. This Certificate of Training would need to be produced if requested by an Inspector (e.g. Ministry of Transport Officer). Certificates are only valid for 3 years after the date of issue.


EHS 907 - TDG Radioactive Materials / EHS 908 - TDG Radioactive Materials - Receiving Only

Required for: Persons who will be shipping and/or receiving radioactive materials.

Description: EHS 907 / EHS 908 are offered in-class only.

Refresher: EHS 907 (in-class) or EHS 912 - TDG Radioactive Materials - Receiving Only Refresher (online). EHS 907 must be re-taken every 3 years, while EHS 912 must be taken every 3 years following the completion of EHS 908.

Notes: To register for EHS 907 or EHS 908, log in to My EHS Training.


Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training for Biological Agents

The transportation of infectious substances is covered under the TDG Act and Regulations, including but not limited to: human and animal pathogens, diagnostic specimens, genetically modified plants or organisms, toxins, and dry ice. The Regulations also require that any individual transporting an infectious substance be trained in the transportation of dangerous goods (infectious substances).

If you will be shipping, receiving or importing biological agents at U of T, you are required to be complete TDG training externally. More details can be found on the EHS website.