Writing Support for Departments

CTL Writing Support faculty are regularly invited to consult with departments, at small or large meetings, about faculty concerns about student writing, and we are gradually developing our understanding of how to support and advise departments effectively.

Depending on the department, the process may be swift or slow and iterative, as individual faculty and chairs assess their students, their goals, and their resources.  Some of the resources we offer include consultations on curriculum and assignment design, TA training, and student support.

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Here are a few examples of recent initiatives:


Management has recently launched a writing requirement for the majority of their courses, and CTL Writing Support faculty are increasingly being involved, alongside librarians, in the process of course and assignment design, as well as TA Training in how to assess and provide formative feedback on writing.

Arts Culture Media

Faculty in Arts, Culture and Media have been grappling for several years with longstanding concerns about student writing.  CTL Writing Support and CTL faculty have been invited to department meetings and Curriculum Committee meetings as the department rethinks its writing-intensive courses.


Sociology has committed to supporting student writing through tutorials and explicit writing instruction in foundational B-level courses, and requiring students to submit drafts, receive feedback and revise, in C-level writing-intensive courses. CTL Writing Support was consulted on the development of specialized writing tutorials and workshops in the department’s three required B-level courses. We have also trained Sociology TAs from all three campuses on Formative Feedback.