Communication Cafés and Discussion Skills

Summer 2020:

These sessions will not be offering during the COVID-19 closure.


Speaking up in class at university can be a challenge. Communication Cafés and Discussion Skills Development are interactive sessions that will help you gain new confidence, while you connect with other students on campus, make friends, learn Academic English, and build oral communication competence – all in a fun atmosphere!

Communication Cafés

Communication Cafés are welcoming, dynamic workshops with games and interactive activities specially designed to help you improve your academic and oral communication skills.

Discussion Skills Development

These informal multimedia workshops explore exciting contemporary topics-- but even more importantly, they provide you with the opportunity to build your English language discussion skills while engaging critically with media and ideas. Bring a cup of coffee and activate your mind

How do I sign up?

Review the schedule of upcoming sessions for Communication Cafés and Discussion Skills Development on the right hand side of this page and sign up by clicking on the session title.