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Summer 2021 ELD Supports

The English Language Development (ELD) Support for Summer 2021 is fully online so students can get help and support no matter where you are located during the pandemic.

The following supports are available this summer:

  1. Reading and Writing Excellence (RWE) program: Personalized support from expert writing instructors to help students develop the academic reading and critical thinking skills as well as write to meet university-level expectations. 

    UPDATE: Registration for the Summer RWE program has closed.  If you would like to receive an alert from us to enable you to sign up for the Fall 2021 RWE session, please complete this form [CLICK HERE]

  2. ELD Consultations: Confidential one-on-one virtual consultation. Book a consultation [here]. Instructions on how to book an ELD Consultation can be found on the ELD Support Consultation page [here].
  3. Grammar for Academic Writing Workshop Series
    The Grammar for Academic Writing (GAW) workshop series emphasizes the centrality of grammar and editing skills in university-level writing, exploring these skills at both the sentence and paragraph levels. This workshop series aims to facilitate a smooth, nurturing transition from high school writing skills to the expectations of undergraduate academic composition. This is achieved by providing students training and active opportunities to practice Academic English grammar, effective editing, and the revising strategies necessary for academic success at the university level.

    Workshop 1: Avoiding Common Grammatical Errors

    Workshop 2: Editing and Revising

    For a list of dates and to sign up, visit our ELD Workshop page.

  4. Reading Skills for Academic Success Series
    The Reading Skills for Academic Success (RSAS) series is made up of four independent one-hour interactive sessions focused on developing academic vocabulary, techniques for organizing and retaining information, and critical reading and thinking skills. Students are welcome to attend all four sessions, or to choose any combination of sessions most relevant to their individual needs and goals. The goal of each session is to help foster a smooth transition from high school to university by introducing students to effective strategies for vocabulary expansion, close reading, and information processing skills necessary for academic success at university.

    Session 1: Key Strategies to Expand Your Vocabulary for Academic Reading

    Session 2: Improve Your Notetaking Skills

    Session 3: Effective Mind-Mapping and Outlining Strategies

    Session 4: Enhancing Your Critical Thinking and Critical Reading Abilities

    For a list of dates and to sign up, visit our ELD Workshop page.

For more information on Learning Online, visit our new Academic Learning Support page: www.uoft.me/AcademicLearningSupport


CTL English Language Development Support aims to:

  • Help students communicate more effectively for their academic needs
  • Enable students to confidently participate in classes, tutorials and campus life
  • Equip students with strategies and tools to participate actively in the academic community

Who can benefit from our programs?

  • All students who wish to improve their academic communication skills and leadership potential
  • ESL students who wish to improve their language skills quickly
  • Mature and returning students who wish to polish their academic skills
  • Students wishing to improve their communication skills in order to secure better co-op placements
  • Students who wish to communicate more confidently
  • Students who wish to improve their critical thinking skills through language development


CTL English Language Development Support programs for students.

CTL English Language Development Support Programs

CTL English offers a suite of co-curricular academic support programs. These are not-for-credit programs that are open to all UTSC students.

ELD Consultations. These sessions are FREE and available to all undergraduate and graduate students.

ELD Consultations

These sessions are FREE and available to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Academic English Health Check


Learn about the Academic English Health Check and Sign Up for your AEHC Here

Presentation Skills

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