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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This is a great link if you are taking Political Theory or Philosophy. It contains many different articles explaining and summarizing different political concepts and theories.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed database in which hundreds of political theorists and philosophers are listed. Each philosopher’s page details his/her life, writings, theories, themes and overall contribution to society. This is a great link if you’ve read the philosophers work and need further clarification

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD provides excellent papers and statistics on various factors affecting the developing world today (Click topics or statistics tab for this information). The website also provides data on specific countries and where they stand economically under the tab “Countries”. The OECD website will be useful to those studying Public Policy, Political Science, Sociology or IDS.


JSTOR is a database that contains thousands of academic journals on virtually all topics. It’s a great resource if you’re studying a discipline within the Social Sciences. Access available through UTSC library.

Writing philosophy papers

I have this paper to write for my PHL class -- what do I do now? The resources here will help you answer that question.
U of T Philosophy Department's 'Guidelines on writing a philosophy paper'


PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophical articles and books by academic philosophers. We monitor journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages.

Socratic by Google

This is a helpful free app that offers help on a variety of biological related concepts. Socratic also has the function to take pictures of problems and offers possible help to solve them or connect to resources to help. The app includes videos, step-by-step explanations and external resources.

UTSC Research Guides  

Research advice, useful tools, and the best resources for your subject needs  by U of T librarians. Search the guides written specifically for your course at UofT.