Linguistics Resources

All about linguistics

This site is an inclusive site created by the University of Sheffield that will prove useful for LINA02 students as it goes through all of the topics discussed in the course including, psycholinguistics, morphology, phonology and semantics.  Each page provides key facts and definitions, bold letters and a mini video or cartoon illustrating concepts in a thought-provoking manner. Furthermore, the site provides students with examples of research carried out in the various branches of linguistics, including the Stroop Effect and its relevance to psycholinguistics. First year students can begin to reflect on the types of research they might be interested in pursuing in their upper year classes.

English Pronunciation IPA, iPA phonetics  

This website is elpful for phonetics learning and understanding.

Sounds of speech

This site is a helpful resource for LINA01 students learning to pronounce and discriminate different phonemes and sounds. The manner and place of articulation for each phoneme is illustrated using a visual diagram of the larynx. Special features include animations with sound and “step by step” descriptions of how specific sounds are articulated. In addition, various examples of words in the English language that make use of these phonemes are provided. This will definitely help beginners in an introductory linguistics class learn how to pronounce, write and identify different phonemes.

Socratic by Google

This is a helpful free app that offers help on a variety of biological related concepts. Socratic also has the function to take pictures of problems and offers possible help to solve them or connect to resources to help. The app includes videos, step-by-step explanations and external resources.

UTSC Library Resources

Online Journals, for research; Citation Finder; Research help from Librarian, (can book appointment); Book Locater

Varieties of English

This site provides quick and simplified rules for those complex phonological problems. Using various examples, this site really breaks down the information and makes phonology easier to understand. They also provide many other links to student resources to enhance knowledge and grasp more challenging concepts. As an added bonus, the site also provides students with exercises such as Vowel Lengths in English, to practice difficult concepts. The questions provided in the exercises enable students to think out the box and reflect on the types of questions they may see on midterms and assignments.