Job Shadowing Program

UTSC Job Shadowing Program

The Job Shadowing Program lets you explore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace. Participating gives you a chance to test-drive a specific job or career field to see if it is a good for your skills, values, interests, and career plans. Activities may include:

  • Introduction to the organization and tour of the workplace
  • Opportunity to observe and participate in day-to-day activities
  • Ask questions about your host’s work, education, and personal career path
  • Interact with some of your host’s colleagues/employees

Who can Participate?

All University of Toronto students and alumni (up to two years after graduation) across all departments and levels.

How does the Program Work?

  • Register for an mandatory UTSC Job Shadowing Orientation session at → Events & Workshops Calendar → UTSC Academic Advising & Career Centre. This is mandatory for all new and returning participants.

    *If you are a UTSG or UTM student, please contact to confirm your registration.

  • After attending an orientation, you will be given access to view host profiles and apply to a maximum of three placements (with preference ranking).
  • Submit an application by answering a qualifying question for each placement of interest along with your resume.
  • Take note of the application deadline in September. Please note there is no guarantee of being paired with a host.
  • Successfully placed students will attend a preparation workshop before connecting with their host.
  • Coordinate and confirm your job shadow placement directly with your host. Attend your placement!
  • After the visit, students must complete a reflection activity and program evaluation.
  • Students who complete their reflection will be granted Co-Curricular Record (CCR) validation.

Program FAQ

What types of job shadowing placements may be available?

Learn more about the Job Shadowing program including a list of placement opportunities by visiting CLNx.

What students are saying about the Program

"Thank you for offering this amazing experience to students. It has provided me with more clarity about what I wish to do with my career, which I'm not sure I would have accomplished without this fantastic opportunity."

"The placement made me want to work harder to accomplish my goal of becoming a physician and helped me see what I was studying for. The best experience was being able to see the working environment."

"My sponsor was very warm and welcoming, as were the rest of her team members. I felt that I was really able to get a good sense of what her job was like, her day-to-day activities, with no reservations on her part."

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