Environmental Science Resources

The EnviroLink Network

Gain access to many environmental resources, such as information regarding the air quality, ecosystems, climate change, human health, sustainability, and many more. Resources are organized by either topic or category, along with a forum to discuss specific topics with like-minded individuals worldwide.

Environmental History Resources

This website provides a long-term, interdisciplinary perspective on environmental change, and provides essays, podcasts, multimedia, student perspectives, and further resources.

Socratic by Google

This is a helpful free app that offers help on a variety of biological related concepts. Socratic also has the function to take pictures of problems and offers possible help to solve them or connect to resources to help. The app includes videos, step-by-step explanations and external resources.  


UTSC Library Resources

Online Journals, for research; Citation Finder; Research help from Librarian, (can book appointment); Book Locater