Application Samples: Resumes and Cover Letters

Our application samples are provided here to demonstrate how to customize your resume and cover letter to suit a position and company. In each sample you will find:

  1. a sample job posting
  2. the cover letter written specifically to apply for that posting to show how the candidate’s skills, education, and experience are a match for the role or company, and
  3. the resume which was also customized to highlight the factors requested in the job posting.

Please do not copy these documents, not even in part, for use in your letters or resumes. They are intended to inspire and serve as models only.

Samples by Fields of Study

Samples by Fields of Work

Note: Students and graduates of any field of study are not limited to working in the field of work used in the samples! These are simply examples to enable you to observe the way the letters and resumes should be customized to match the candidate and the opportunity. We encourage you to do the same in your applications.