For advice on Academic Integrity issues, please contact:

Nisha Panchal, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Officer

Prof. Christine Berkowitz, Prof. Nick Cheng & Prof. John Hannigan, Dean's Designates for the Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

What does the Office of Academic Integrity do?


Faculty & Staff Academic Integrity FAQ

When you suspect that a student may have committed an academic offence

  1. Meet with the student and point out your concerns.
  2. Complete an Academic Offence Allegation Form and attach the appropriate material.
  3. Include a report setting out why you believe an academic offence may have been committed and an account of any meeting or correspondence with the student.
  4. Send this package to the Chair or Director of your Department.

NB: If the student has not responded to your request for a meeting by the time grades in the course are due, don’t wait. State that you have not met with the student.

  • You may be more comfortable with a colleague present at your meeting with the student.
  • Nothing the student says to you may be used at a Tribunal hearing, but it can be helpful at the meeting with the Dean’s Designate.

What you may not do

  • Assign a grade for the piece of work or the course.
  • Fail to report a suspected offence.

Offences in exams - If you are an invigilator and not the course instructor:

  1. Send the exam anomaly report signed by the chief invigilator to the Office of Academic Integrity.
  2. Send documents (exams, Scantron forms, etc.) with the report.
  3. Let the student know that this will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity.


Offences in exams involving paper cheat sheets and writing on body parts:

  1. Confiscate paper cheat sheets.
  2. Make a note of what is written on body parts. If you have a cell phone with a camera, take a picture of the writing.
  3. Fill in the Exam Incident Report.


Offences in exams involving cell phones and other electronic equipment:

  1. Confiscate the device.
  2. If the student is observed using the device, fill in the Exam Incident Report form with any information about what was visible on the screen.
  3. If the student was not observed using the device, fill in the Possession of Unauthorized Electronic Device form.
  4. Return the device to the student at the end of the exam after getting the student to sign the Possession form.


Reports which go directly to the Office of Academic Integrity:

  1. Offences in petitions or exam irregularities in deferred exams (Registrar’s office)
  2. Offences in exams supervised by AccessAbility Services.

Applying a Sanction:

When the case is resolved and a sanction is imposed you will receive a letter specifying the sanction along with an Amended Marks form. This form is the only means that you can use to report an amended grade for an academic offence. Fill out the form, have your Chair or Director sign it and send it as instructed on the form to the Registrar.