Academic Integrity Do's & Don'ts

We understand you’re more than just a student and have several responsibilities on a daily basis. It’s hard to keep all Academic Integrity information straight! Below are some quick do’s and don’ts to help you.


  • go to your instructor or TA for help if you’re unsure about assignment expectations, have questions, would like an extension, or need support. They’re here to help!  
  • read the instructions for all assignments, quizzes/exams, projects, and course syllabi carefully, making sure to understand your instructor’s expectations of what’s allowed and not allowed.
  • cite your source(s) even when paraphrasing other’s scholarly work in your study notes, assignments, quizzes/exams, or papers. Failure to do so may result in an allegation of plagiarism.  
  • utilize the Writing Support Centre, the English Language Development Centre, and Academic Advising and Career Centre for support or workshops on writing, the English language, and more.  
  • consult the U of T Scarborough Library for details on how to cite sources properly and avoid plagiarism.  
  • view academic integrity modules available via the Academic Advising & Career Centre.
  • make sure your writing and work is in your own words, even when working as part of a team or studying in a group.  
  • respond to any emails from your instructor or Academic Integrity Office in a timely manner.
  • contact our Academic Integrity Office if you have questions: academic.integrity.utsc@utoronto.caWe’re here for you! 


  • don’t rely on peers, classmates, or anyone else to provide academic help, work, or advice.
  • don’t utilize tutoring services (also known as cram schools). In many cases these services use course material without the university’s permission. U of T takes this very seriously.  
  • don’t alter any official academic or medical documents, including quizzes/exams already submitted for grading. This is considered forgery.  
  • don’t bring or hide a cell phone, study notes, or cheat sheet to a quiz/exam where aids are not permitted. This is considered unauthorized assistance.  
  • don’t submit any solution, assignment, or paper that you purchased online or from another source. This is considered plagiarism and/or use of unauthorized aid.
  • don’t submit any piece of academic work for one course in which credit has previously been received unless you have approval from your instructor. This is known as “double-dipping.” 
  • don’t drop the course when any alleged academic integrity offences occur – continue to complete all your assignments.
  • don’t neglect your mental and physical health. For support go to Health & Wellness Centre.