Academic Integrity Matters

The Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters protects academic integrity at the University.  Some examples of offences that are sanctioned under the Code include:

  • Plagiarism - Using the words or ideas of another person without citing the source
  • Unauthorized Aids – Using unauthorized aids, which could be considered cheating on tests and exams
  • Unauthorized Assistance - Having someone else do the work for you
  • Forgery or falsification - Making a false statement, presenting a false document or signing someone else’s name on a document required by the University.
  • Personation - Having someone else write an exam for you or writing an exam for someone else
  • Concocting - Using false data or providing false references
  • Self-Plagiarism - Submitting work for credit in a course when you have submitted it in another course

Instructor resources - UTSC Library Guides: Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity at UTSC offers regular Academic Integrity Matters <AIM> workshops. 

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