Submitting Questions

Writing good Quizzical questions for submission is actually hard to do! Remember, you are being graded on the quality of the question you submit, so make a focused effort.

It is up to your professor to decide how often you are required to submit, and how many questions are to be submitted for each assigned date. This will be set-up before you even log-in to Quizzical for the first time, so refer to your dashboard to see your assigned dates. If you have a conflict, let your professor know well in advance. It may be possible to reschedule your submission if you have a compelling reason/request. But this is not always possible, especially if you leave it to the last minute!

The question submission process has many steps, so it is important that you follow-up on your submitted questions to see if they are accepted, sent back for revision, or rejected. This entire process may take a few days. Refer to your course dashboard to see the due dates and status for your assigned question(s):

Questions will show as inactive until the date of the given lecture.  Upon activation, you will have until the due date to submit a question. During this time the status will show as Active, until you’ve submitted your question. Click “Compose” to get started. You will then be prompted to enter a question related to the given lecture. Your choices for category are either recall or application. Recall questions focus on memory and recollection of facts or concepts covered in the lecture while application questions are meant to test for a deeper understanding of lecture materials. The question box is where you’ll enter your question – be specific, and concise. In the reference box you can provide some background help on where the solution to your question can be found (e.g. page number or figure number).

You must then provide five potential answers to the question. One of the answers will be correct, with the remaining four being distractors (e.g. wrong answers that might appear to be correct if a student doesn’t know the correct answer). For each answer, you may be asked to provide justification for why it is either correct or incorrect. When providing justifications, keep in mind that other students (quiz takers) will be counting on your explanations to help them understand why the correct answer is correct and why the distractors are incorrect.  This is a learning opportunity!  You will therefore be graded on the quality of the information you provide. Once you have filled in all the boxes, click “Review”. If you are not ready to submit, you can click “Save as draft” and come back later to complete your question submission. 

After clicking “Review” you will be presented with your full question. Read it carefully and decide if you’re ready to submit. If everything looks good, click “Proceed and Submit”. Otherwise, click “Go Back” to edit your question.

Once you’ve submitted your question, it will be sent to the TA for grading. Be sure to check back over the next few days to see if it has been accepted (graded), or sent back to you for revision (re-submit). Refer to your dashboard to monitor the grading progress.

If your question has been graded, it will show as accepted (in green). You can then click “View” to see your question:

If your question was sent back, this means there are problems with it, and you have been given an opportunity to re-submit. Often this means you will also be given an extension to provide sufficient time to do so; be sure to double-check the due date. Click “Re-Submit” to see the grading comments provided, and to make necessary changes to your question. Note: this must be done before the due-date shown:

After the second submission, if your question is accepted it will be shown with the given grade. However, if significant problems still remain your question may be rejected. If this happens, you can click “View” to see the comments provided by your TA: