Quercus Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to general questions about Quercus and the toolbox renewal project.


How do I access Quercus?

Individuals with working UTORids can access Quercus, the University of Toronto’s new Canvas-based teaching and learning environment, at q.utoronto.ca.

What is a learning management engine or LME?

A learning management engine or LME is a software service that operates like an ‘operating system’ on a smart phone. The service platform will allow for the integration of other educational technology tools. This allows for greater pedagogical flexibility.

What is Canvas like? Will I benefit from it?

We expect that you will enjoy the Canvas as part of a renewed academic toolbox. You will quickly discover how easy it is to use. Here is a video that gives a quick overview of what can be done with Canvas

What happened to the Learning Portal (Blackboard)?

The Learning Portal is no longer available as of September 2018.

How was Canvas selected?

Canvas was selected through a formal RFP process that included community consultation. You can learn more about the selection at http://toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca/the-portal-is-changing/

Why is it called Quercus?

A student contest was conducted in the fall of 2017 to name the new LME. Three students proposed the name Quercus, all citing it as the Latin word for the Oak tree genus and its relation to the University of Toronto coat of arms’ oak tree and motto “velut arbor aevo”, Latin for “as a tree through the ages”. Learn more about the name in our blog post about the contest winner.

I do not know who to contact for support in my division or department?

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the modern LME software made by Instructure Inc. that U of T has selected to power its academic toolbox.