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U of T's New Learning Management System (Instructure Canvas) - Quercus

Check out our Quercus project support site at UTSC.  We now have a Quercus support blog for students!  [http://qstudents.utoronto.ca]

There are also third party integrations which are available for Quercus, and an extensive general Quercus support resources hub.

Interested in taking an online course about Canvas?   Try Learning Canvas 2018 on Lynda.com.

Our partners downtown are offering some online webinars:

October 24 - November 21 - December 13

In addition to an outstanding usability design, Quercus also has GREAT mobile apps! Download them here:  iOS Canvas Teacher | Google Apps Canvas Teacher

More updates at the Toolbox Renewal Page.

This week's featured Canvas resource is:   How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?

Please note that if you use letter grades, you should review this resourceThis may also be helpful.

Newest Production Release occurred October 6th: https://community.canvaslms.com/videos/4007-canvas-new-feature-screencast-2018-10-06

New features include:

- Anonymous Instructor Annotations – can be turned on in Settings --> Feature Options

- Discussions – updated workflow for section-specific discussions

- Rubrics – non-scoring rubric (rubrics for formative feedback but does not populate the grade)

- DocViewer rotation – manually rotate uploaded docs; once you start annotating the page, the rotate option is disabled; rotation is available on a page-by-page basis and annotation locks only the page you are working on

The lifecycle for access to Canvas courses is on this page.



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What's Different Between Portal and Quercus?

Almost anything that could be done in the Blackboard portal can currently be done in Quercus.

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Quercus Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the new tool, project time line, and third-party integration plans.

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Quercus Help Resources

Find out about your migration options, and learn about the best-practices and recommendations.

Training & Workshops

We are hosting workshops to help you get started with Quercus

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Introducing Quercus

What is Quercus? Why is it replacing Portal? When should I start using it for my courses?