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Popular Covid-19 online resources include:

http://uoft.me/AcademicContinuity - our site specifically designed to provide information about the university's technology solutions for teaching online

Final Exams - check out your options for assessment using Quercus during the Fall Session.

Setting Up Your Remote/Online course - our guide on teaching during the Fall session.

Quercus Tip Sheets on common functions?  Check out our [Quercus project support site] at UTSC.   There's also a [Quercus for Students] blog.

There are a number of [third party integrations] which are available for Quercus, and an extensive [general Quercus support resources hub].


Interested in taking an online course about Canvas?   Try [Learning Canvas 2019 on Lynda.com].

Using Turnitin?  Check out the [new support page]

Office 365 now has a support site, it's https://office365.utoronto.ca/

Our CTSI partners downtown offer a lot of interesting workshops and events, some are about teaching with technology.


The Toolbox Renewal Page has a new look, check it out.

Featured Canvas resources are:   [How do I use the icons and colors in the new Gradebook?] and [Submitting Grades to EMarks].

Please note that if you use letter grades, you should [review this resource].  [This may also be helpful].






Training & Workshops

We are hosting workshops to help you get started with Quercus

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Introducing Quercus

What is Quercus? Why is it replacing Portal? When should I start using it for my courses?

Stormtrooper lego people - one of these things is not like the other

What's the Difference Between Portal and Quercus?

Almost anything that could be done in the Blackboard portal can currently be done in Quercus.

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Quercus Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the new tool, project time line, and third-party integration plans.

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Quercus Help Resources

Find out about your migration options, and learn about the best-practices and recommendations.