Co-op Work Permit

One of the great things about the University of Toronto Scarborough is the Co-op program.

International students enrolled in the co-op program are required to have a Co-op Work Permit (COWP) before starting the work terms. 
The COWP specifically allows you to work full-time during recognized co-op terms.

Your COWP will list “University of Toronto” as the employer and will allow you to work during co-op work terms for employers approved by your co-op program. Never let your COWP expire during your co-op work term.


  • have a valid Study Permit
  • be registered in a Co-op program

Hours of work:

The Co-op Work Permit allows you to work full-time during Co-op terms.

Applying for (or extending) a COWP:

Applying online (offers faster processing time and more convenience);

If you apply online, you will answer a questionnaire, create a personal check list code, sign up/log into MYCIC account and automatically see a list of the required application forms and documents you have to provide.



Applying on paper

If you are applying on paper, make sure you complete the document checklist and include it with your application form and supporting documents. The instruction guide provides assistance with how to fill out the form and submit supporting documents.


Documents needed to apply:

Letter from the Co-op office confirming your enrollment in the program

Valid passport and study permit

In addition to the documents listed, depending on your citizenship, you may have to provide additional information/documents when you apply for your COWP.

Processing Times

Apply at least 3 months before the COWP expiry date. Check the processing time for the  work permit applications submitted inside Canada.
If your application is approved, you will receive your COWP in mail at the address you provided on your application form.

Valid passport:

If your passport is expiring within the next 6 months, renew it before applying for a study and work permit.Permits can not be valid beyond the expiry date of the passport.

Valid Study permit:
If your study permit is expiring soon, apply for your study permit extension and co-op work permit together using one application form (IMM5709)

Application form:
Application to change conditions, extend my stay or remain in Canada as a worker (IMM5710)

UCI (if applicable): also known as “Client ID” appears on your study and work permit if you already have one. If not, leave it blank.

You do not need to have an employer or a Job offer to apply for COWP

Details of my prospective employer:
Name of employer:     University of Toronto Scarborough
Address of employer: Not Applicable
Job title:                        Co-op placement
Description of duties: Not Applicable

If you apply to your COWP before the expiry date, you have implied status as long as you remain in Canada. You may continue to work during your co-op work term until you receive your renewed COWP, even though the expiry date of your permit has passed while you are waiting to receive the new one.

Never let your COWP expire during your co-op work term. 

It is illegal to start working before you have received your COWP. If you are no longer enrolled in a Co-op program, you must surrender your Work Permit to a local Citizenship and Immigration Canada office immediately.

COWP is different from off-campus work. You may simultaneously hold a co-op work permit and work off-campus if you meet the criteria for each. 
COWP can not be used for off-campus work, volunteering and internships out of the co-op program.

Students who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of their work permits  and do not stop working may be subject to enforcement actions taken by Canadian immigration authorities, or invalidation of the their study and work permit . It may also negatively affect future immigration applications.

To get paid, you have to apply for Social Insurance Number (SIN) in person at the closest Service Canada Center after you received your COWP.