Seeing is Believing: A Law Firm Visit

OSLER Law Firm

UTSC students embark on a journey within the legal sphere

The Law School Prep Program’s (LSPP) inaugural cohort at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), had the privilege of embarking on a visit to Osler, a prominent law firm in down town Toronto.


Welcomed by Charles Dobson, Amy Lee, and several other lawyers and legal professionals, a group of 11 students were given this unique opportunity to glean insights into the legal field from seasoned law professionals. This visit exposed the students to the journeys of lawyers, and shed light on alternative legal careers within Osler, such as legal research and career development counseling.


Students and lawyers at OSLER Law Firm


The day started with a networking lunch, providing the participants with a chance to connect with professionals in a relaxed setting. This interaction was followed by an engaging session where the Osler representatives candidly discussed their trajectories, sharing the successes and challenges along the way. Their openness in addressing student questions created an atmosphere of genuine learning.


One aspect that resonated profoundly throughout this visit was the resounding praise for Osler. From the legal practitioners to the support staff, every individual spoke highly of the firm, reflecting a culture of positivity and inclusivity. This sentiment extended towards the students, who departed Osler feeling enlightened and empowered by this experience.


Students at OSLER Law Firm

A few testimonials from students who participated in the visit:


Alyssia Fernandes expressed her gratitude, stating, "It was truly a pinch-me moment as I was able to visualize myself working within a firm and alongside individuals such as the ones we met. I am so grateful to Osler for allowing students like me to be able to actualize my potential by hearing the stories and experiences of the lawyers. Their down-to-earth, relatable, and passionate personalities made the experience truly memorable, and I feel so thankful that I had the privilege to meet with them and take time from their busy day. I’m thankful that they were able to share their wisdom and knowledge, I know I will use everything they said in my future endeavours, and I certainly hope that I get to touch paths with them again soon.”


Chloe Ing shared her appreciation, remarking, "Thank you for having us! It was such a lovely experience and I appreciate the time everyone took to put together the visit and to answer our questions. I’m really inspired to continue down the path of law."


Osasere Imafidon encapsulated the visit's impact, stating, “[It] was an amazing experience. One in which we were given the opportunity to ask questions, walk through the Osler facility, and potentially get a glimpse of our future. Thank you, Osler!."


Christopher Luongo conveyed his gratitude, saying, " Thank you for opening up your law firm to the UTSC Law School Prep Program students. The time your team graciously offered to our group in sharing your collective lived experiences and valuable resources is much appreciated – thereby helping better forecast how dynamic a law career can be, including practical ways of working towards our future career goals within the industry. I am committed and driven towards my future studies and remain hopeful to meet you all again in the near future."


UTSC Student at OSLER Law Firm