Policy on Student Information & FAQ

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It is important to understand that the University is required by law to protect the privacy and confidentiality of a student's records. The University is not able to discuss specific details about a student with a parent, guardian or family member in accordance with section 54 (c) of the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

For more information about age-based rights, please visit the following website: Justice for Children and Youth. As with any source of information, expert advice should be sought if deemed necessary.

You can also find a list of frequently asked questions below.


University of Toronto fee payments are made at the bank (ie. in person, automated teller machine, on-line or phone banking etc.). After you've chosen your courses, a fees invoice will be mailed to you. Ensure your mailing address on ACORN is correct. You will need this invoice to pay your fees, as it includes your personal account number with the University where payment will be directed. Ensure that you pay your fees by the appropriate session deadline.

To learn more about payment options, including OSAP information and making payments as an international student, please visit the Office of the Registrar.


Information about financial aid is available from the Office of the Registrar.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a government loan program available to students.

Learn more about applying for OSAP.

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students is also available. UTAPS provides a grant to cover financial need recognized but not fully met by the government assistance programs. The assessment criteria will be based on the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Learn more about applying for UTAPS.

Bursaries and Grants
Bursaries, which are also often called grants, are non-repayable sums of money provided by the University to assist students who encounter financial difficulties. There are bursary application deadlines in all 3 sessions.

Scholarships and Awards
Scholarships are financial awards given to a student on the basis of academic merit or standing.

All applicants to U of T Scarborough are automatically considered for entrance scholarships, no separate application is required. There are many other external scholarships that can assist students with their educational costs.

Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid Advisors are available to assist students with financial planning and emergency loans.


Course registration occurs online through ACORN. ACORN contains data relating to a student's admission to and academic performance at U of T Scarborough. To gain access you have to provide a valid student number and a valid Personal Identification Number.

The Health & Wellness Centre has health care providers who provide medical, nursing, counselling, health promotion and education services to U of T Scarborough students. Any student with a current student card and a valid health card can use their services.

The Health & Wellness Centre is located on the second floor of the Student Centre (SL270).

In the event of an emergency contact the University Police at 416-287-7333. The University Police do offer an Emergency Contact Service to students, faculty and staff. A student can complete the online registration form. Information provided will help the University Police locate the student on campus to relay the message.

Please visit the UofT Bookstore for information about textbooks.

See the Health & Wellness Centre for health insurance information for full-time, part-time, graduate and international students.

See the Health & Wellness Centre for health insurance information for full-time, part-time, graduate and international students.

There are programs on campus designed to promote safety on campus. It is also critical that each community member practice safety precautions. Students walking on campus after dark should take advantage of the UTSC Patrol service.

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, or visitor at the University of Toronto Scarborough, there may be times when you do not feel completely safe walking alone. Although the U of T Scarborough campus is relatively safe, a patroller will be glad to meet you and accompany you anywhere on campus.

This service is available on a 24/7/365 basis. To obtain an escort, call 416-287-7022. When reached, a licensed security guard or special constable will meet you and accompany you to your on-campus destination.

Learn more about safety programs and services.

There are a variety of academic resources available on campus to support students including the Academic Advising & Career Centre and Centre for Teaching & Learning. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services to have an organized approach to academics and to minimize stress and difficulties.

A laptop provides convenience due to its portability, allowing a student to work in places throughout the campus. There are various locations on campus where a student can take advantage of wireless access to the internet. If group work is often a part of a course of study a laptop can be used onsite while working with the group. In this case having a laptop can be advantageous. It may be wise to talk to senior students in the same faculty or contact the academic department to learn about the amount of group work or need for a laptop.

There are computer labs on campus for students, if they wish to access the internet or do work while on campus. A personal desktop can be more economical than a laptop to purchase. 

Student Housing & Residence Life has policies and programs in place to support the academic goals of residents. Programming and community development in residence focuses on the integration of the academic and social experiences of students' lives on campus. 

Residence Advisors are senior students who live in residence to provide guidance to students and to uphold community standards. 

Quiet hours are in place to help monitor the level of noise.

If a resident is finding that roommate relationships are strained or difficult, they can visit a Residence Advisor. The Residence Advisor will listen and guide the student through developing ways to resolve the issues. As a first step the resident will be encouraged to communicate concerns to roommates. If an issue remains unresolved it can be brought to the Residence Life Coordinator.

There are over 200+ student-led clubs and groups at U of T Scarborough. You can browse the Ulife directory for a full list of student organizations across all three campuses. 

There are also student volunteer and job opportunities on campus to get involved. These positions are posted on the Career Learning Network.