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Council Membership

Membership List 2021-22

  Name Position
1 Wisdom Tettey Principal & Vice-President, UTSC
2 Desmond Pouyat Dean, Student Experience and Wellbeing
3 Nadia Rosemond Assistant Dean, Co-Curricular Engagement and Student Leadership
4 Sheila John Assistant Dean, Wellness, Recreation, and Sports
5 Varsha Patel Assistant Dean, Student Success and Career Support
6 Tina Doyle Director, AcessAbility Services
7 Sarah Abdillahi President, SCSU
8 Rimsha Rahman VP Academics and University Affairs, SCSU
9 Isaiah Murray VP Equity, SCSU
10 Farah Ahmad VP External , SCSU
11 TBA President, SCRC
12 Justina Yeung President, SCAA
13 Lamia Akbar President, GSAS

Franklin Perez

Graduate Student Representative 

Yasmin Said

Undergraduate Student Representative

Bisma Ali

Undergraduate Student Representative 

Hiba Alhuttam 

Undergraduate Student Representative 

Muzna Erum

Undergraduate Student Representative

Ahmed Hussain 

Undergraduate Student Representative 

Salokhiddin (Slava) Gulyamov 

Undergraduate Student Representative 

Shiny Sahadeva

Undergraduate Student Representative 
22 Mary Silcox Vice Dean, Graduate Ex-Officio (non-voting)
23 TJ Ho VP Campus Life, SCSU Ex-Officio (non-voting)
24 Andy Mai VP Operations, SCSU Ex-Officio (non-voting)
25 Jamie Donaldson Vice-Dean Recruitment, Enrolment & Student Success Ex-Officio (non-voting)
26 Andrew Arifuzzaman Chief Administrative Officer Ex-Officio (non-voting)
27 Fiorella Sabadin Associate Registrar and Director of Student Services, Office of the Registrar Ex-Officio (non-voting)
28 Greg Hum Director, Student Housing & Residence Life Ex-Officio (non-voting)
29 Karen McCrindle Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning/Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning Ex-Officio (non-voting)
30 Fran Wdowczyk Special Advisor, Operations & Special Projects Ex-Officio (non-voting)
31 Tanya Poppleton Director, Campus Safety Ex-Officio (non-voting)
32 Erika Loney Senior Manager, Community, Global and Intercultural Experience Ex-Officio (non-voting)