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The University of Toronto Scarborough Letter Awards were established in the fall of 2000 by the Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing, with the support of the Council on Student Services. The awards aim to recognize graduating students for significant contributions to campus life. Recipients are awarded a letter of recognition from the Dean of Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing to publicly and formally acknowledge students who have made a lasting impact on the student experience at U of T Scarborough.

Members of the U of T Scarborough community (staff or faculty) are welcome to submit nominations for the award. Nominees must be current full-time or part-time students who are eligible and intend to graduate in June or November of 2024.

Visit the selection process page to view more details on selection criteria, nomination process, and other important information.

Congratulations to our 2023 Letter Awards Recipients!


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The power is in your hands! This newly added award recognizes any student that has made a positive impact on campus, as recognized by their peers!


Nominations are now closed.


To recognize students' contributions to the UTSC Community in alignment to the UTSC Strategic Plan – Inspiring Inclusive Excellence, seven new award categories have been added to the Letter Awards.

Inclusive Excellence Award Categories

The Campus Life Letter Award recognizes graduating students for significant contributions to campus life and publicly acknowledges students who have made a lasting impact at UTSC.

The Accessibility Letter Award recognizes a graduating student who was committed and dedicated to advancing inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities. Nominee contributions may demonstrate support to value and include persons with disabilities while challenging stereotypes and fostering accessible environments/events/programs. The nominee may also demonstrate efforts to consider the intersections of disability and other identities.

The Black Student Community Impact Letter Award recognizes a graduating student who has shown exceptional dedication in creating and supporting the Black student community on campus. This award aims to acknowledge the efforts of a student who has gone above and beyond to foster a sense of belonging and support for Black students, and/or promote their academic and personal success.  

To be considered for this award, the student must have demonstrated leadership and creativity in developing and/or facilitating events and initiatives that promote Black student community building and success. This could include events such as networking sessions, cultural celebrations, mentorship programs, academic support workshops, and community service projects that specifically benefit Black-identifying* students within the UTSC community.  

The award recipient should have also shown a deep commitment to advocating for the needs and concerns of Black students on campus, and actively engaged with the broader campus community to raise awareness of issues affecting Black students.

During the Fall 2022 semester, the University of Toronto Scarborough officially adopted the Okanagan Charter becoming the 37th campus to join the Canadian Health Promoting Campus Network.  We are accepting expressions of interest for the Healthy Campus – OSEW Letter Award.  
The Healthy Campus Letter Award recognizes a graduating student that had significantly contributed to fostering a healthy campus by leading the way in two or more of the Healthy Campus pillars including:   
Art & Culture, Food & Nutrition, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and Physical Space, through their leadership efforts outside the classroom.

As UTSC strives to decolonize spaces, curriculum, and answer the calls to action it is important to understand the roles we each play in supporting systemic change and the calls to action. 

Reconciliation builds relationships and bridges the gap between two worlds through the efforts of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. By recognizing the truths of past wrongs and showcasing examples of how to make things right, others will be inspired to follow.

– BC Achievement Foundation board member Cloy-e-iis, Judith Sayers

The Reconciliation Award recognizes graduating students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, respect, and commitment to furthering reconciliation on campus or have inspired others to continue reconciliation efforts in their community by leading by example. This award celebrates both the innovative and empowering ways we can embark on this journey together.

The Sustainability Letter Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to further sustainability at UTSC and celebrated their contributions to inspire sustainable action on campus.  UTSC’s approach to sustainability is intentionally interdisciplinary and promotes the interconnectedness of human and environmental health through the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Students who are fostering a culture of sustainability on campus through research projects, outreach, education, initiatives, and much more are encouraged to apply.

Universities are an amazing place for the pursuit of the SDGs because they’re about bringing people together, identifying solutions, infusing hopefulness and unleashing the power of youth.

– Vice Principal of Research and Innovation at UTSC, Professor Irena Creed

The power is in your hands! This award recognizes an upper year student that has made a positive impact on campus, as recognized by their peers! Nominate a student here: