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Letter Awards

Letter Awards

The University of Toronto Scarborough Letter Awards were established in the fall of 2000 by the Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing, with the support of the Council on Student Services. The awards aim to recognize graduating students for significant contributions to campus life. The awards are an opportunity to publicly acknowledge students who have made a lasting impact on the student experience at U of T Scarborough.

Any member of the U of T Scarborough community (students, staff or faculty) is welcome to submit nominations for the award. Nominees must be current full-time or part-time students who are eligible and intend to graduate in June or November of 2021.

Congratulations to our 2021 UTSC Letter Award Recipients!

2021 Letter Award Recipients

Originally from the United States, Angela moved to Canada for university after learning about UofT by attending a competition hosted here during high school. Knowing that UofT fosters an environment of cross-disciplinary approaches to academia, she has been able to hold teaching assistant and research assistant positions with professors outside of her own department to further her research interests. Throughout her time in university, Angela has dedicated time to leading business clubs such as LIVE Competition and the Marketing Group, which have played a pivotal role in helping her find a community in a new country. 

Shilé is the pride and joy of her family. Having migrated from Nigeria 10 years ago, her earnest desire has been to actively pursue improved socio-economic conditions for her community. Following this desire, she became the co-president of the African Impact Initiative; she is also the founder of a speech competition platform in Malawi for African Youth and has brought Black women together to participate in the University's Tedx conference. Shilé's journey at UTSC has been a heartfelt release of her commitment to shifting dynamics of power and inclusion. She remembers the words of her father: to never work only for the income, but labour for the impact. 

Abraam wanted me to start by saying that he hopes everyone is feeling positive and testing negative. The 2020/2021 school year had been unprecedented and extremely hard for the populations that were hit the hardest. Keeping that in mind, as the biology students’ association president, Abraam was dedicated on enhancing services on campus that provided students help in this difficult year. From organizing Professor Mix and Mingles, monthly mental health workshops, Women in Science Event, to even leading the first ever UTSC club-fundraiser, he ensured that all students not only had the opportunity to interact with professors, but also raised money for several charities.

“As the river flows, there are those who would change its passage. But every common man got to under-stand up and send a message”-David Rudder, The Ganges and The Nile. This calypso lyric summarizes Aeda’s contributions as President of WUSC UTSC: An Art Auction, podcast, professional development workshops and pandemic student refugee support plans in order to enhance academic applications within UTSC’s social justice sphere. Under Aeda’s leadership, that’s rooted in Caribbean vibrations, more of the UTSC community has volunteered their time and efforts to enhance the capacity of the Student Refugee Program on campus, amidst the constraints the pandemic has caused. 

Throughout her academic career, Anupriya has been involved in a variety of activities including working as an undergraduate reviewer for the Journal of Natural Sciences and being on the executive team for the Scarborough Pre-Med Society. Her most memorable experiences include volunteering as a Nutritional Health Peer Educator, where she not only promoted healthy lifestyle to the campus, but met and interacted with new individuals, allowing her to hone on her interpersonal skills. Given the positive experiences Anupriya had, she understands the importance of giving back to the community and she wishes to continue making a difference through her contributions in the future.

Primarily known for his contributions to TMG, STRIVE Conference and DECA UTSC, Arman did just about anything and everything a student could do outside the classroom. It didn’t matter if it was an Associate, Director, VP or President role - if there was a way to make a contribution to the UTSC community and grow his leadership skills, he would always be the first one to sign up. And that continued even during his co-op work-terms, where he worked hard to forge multiple partnerships between employers and UTSC student groups to continue fostering the development of talent on our campus.

An enthusiastic student and leader especially interested in digital arts and media, Bonnie championed SpreadArts 2021 - an arts auction fundraiser - raising over $3000 for COVID relief in Scarborough. She held several leadership roles in ARTSIDEOUT, notably Director of Operations 2020, spearheading their first online festival, in a pandemic! She is proud to have mentored as a Frontier College Program Manager and was a member of UTSC Cheerleading - undefeated last season. In 2020, Bonnie was awarded the Yvonne C.M. Chiu Memorial Scholarship in Arts Management. Graduating with her Honours Bachelor of Arts, Bonnie is job-seeking in the arts/ media sector.

Gregory was the president of the Health and Society Students' Association (HSSA) during the 2020-2021 academic year, but has actively contributed to the community of health studies students at UTSC for four years. Since joining HSSA in his first year, he has helped to develop and lead various initiatives on campus. These initiatives have ranged from skills training workshops (e.g., naloxone training and resume/cover letter writing) to seminar-style events with guest lecturers (topics included stress management, environmental health, exercise science, etc.). Through these initiatives, Gregory has helped students in the health studies program to gain new skills and insights into the health field.

Sevilleno is a 4th-year student who will be graduating in June 2021 with a double major in Sociology and Health Policy (Co-op) and a minor in Health Humanities. She has a passion for the sociology of health and arts practices in health with plans to pursue a sociological journey in work, health and society. She has contributed to the student experience and well-being of students at UTSC using her sociological lens of health. Her UTSC experience has taught her the value of student support and the sense of belonging while developing her professional journey. 

Kanitha’s leadership experiences from the UTSC include MOVE U Sneaker Squad Leader, Outdoor Recreation Supervisor, Female Fitness Ambassador, and Fit with Friends coach at Athletics & Recreation Department at UTSC. She served as the Executive Member for the Scarborough College Athletics Association(SCAA). She served as VP Equity and President at UTSC Tamil Student's Association( TSA); She also severed as the VP of Equity at the Scarborough Campus Student Union ( SCSU). initiated one of the major projects developing and delivering Gender-Based Violence prevention and response training for the SCSU team, directors of the Board and student leaders on campus.

Kenneth is the president of the African Students’ Association and a financial data analyst for the management department. During his time at the University of Toronto, he has had a very positive impact on campus, enhancing student life experience through participating in numerous clubs and working as a teaching assistant. He is also working with the “school of cities” at the University of Toronto, researching ways to improve urban equality and solidarity, for members in our society. Through his many involvements on campus, Kenneth has shown exceptional leadership qualities and as such, has won the hearts of his fellow students and the UofT community at large.

Kevin is most proud of his role as the President of the Computer Science Enrichment Club. He hosted academic, networking, and social events to connect students to opportunities on campus, gain new interpersonal and technical skills, and make lasting impacts within their local communities. Some notable achievements include: mentoring students to design a website for Canadian refugees to share their stories online, ARTSIDEOUT's online festival, and working with The Hub to connect students with UTSC's entrepreneurial opportunities. Kevin also volunteered as a mentor at Hack the Valley, student panel speaker for Co-op, and tech strategy coach at The Hub.

An advocate for health equity, Lubaba constantly strives to create opportunities for youth, showcased by her leadership on and off campus. She has made strides in areas such as gender equity, access to education, and mental health. Lubaba aims to shape her career around giving back to the communities that have supported her growth as a leader. She has been involved with Toronto Public Health’s YHAN, MPP Doly Begum’s Provincial Youth Cabinet, and most recently, VP Academics & University Affairs for the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union. In her free time, Lubaba is a poet and an amateur cook.

Over the course of her time at UTSC, Maleeha has been involved in various extracurriculars. She has coordinated many initiatives aimed at improving the student experience on campus. Maleeha held leadership roles as Vice President External for the International Development Studies Students’ Association, Program Director for the International Development Conference and the Public Health Coordinator for HOSA UTSC. With the support of the Centre for Critical Development Studies, Maleeha was a 2019 Queen Elizabeth Scholar and completed a volunteer internship in Arusha, Tanzania. Maleeha is passionate about community engagement and wishes to pursue a career in the global health field.

Ever since her first year, Meryl has aimed to make a meaningful impact on campus. She has taken on various long-term leadership roles throughout her undergraduate career. She has worked with the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) through various capacities including as a Junior Ambassador; research and media officer; workshop facilitator; web designer and one of the four student representatives on the CTL Advisory Committee. She has also served as the President of Alzheimer’s Society UTSC since 2019 and the Vice-President of Operations of the Co-op Students’ Association since 2018. Outside of school, she volunteers at a local senior home. 

Throughout her university career, Michelle has always served the management community. In her first year, she helped ran Ontario's largest undergraduate conference. Michelle then ran and judged an HR case competition. In her fourth year, acting as president of the HR alliance, she ran numerous events, including HR orientations and free marketing and HR workshops for UTSC students. Overall, Michelle has a high commitment to student learning and growth. She advocates for work-integrated learning by working closely with professors as a Teaching Assistant while also offering valuable and detailed feedback. Michelle also mentors younger UTSC students.

Mira has devoted her time at UTSC towards improving campus life. Beyond supporting incoming students during orientation and administrative mentorship across campus, Mira has dedicated her time at UTSC to engaging with students in the International Development Studies (IDS) program and publishing her thesis on girls’ education in Northern Ghana. She was involved with the IDS Students’ Association for three years and later worked as an IDS Co-op Program Support to continue improving the program and student experiences. Additionally, Mira has held multiple leadership roles, volunteered within the community, and created a cookbook with her colleagues through the Covid-19 Student Engagement Award.

Niroban was very involved in the athletic community at UTSC and spent most of his time at TPASC. He was on Scarborough College Athletic Association (SCAA) all four years of his undergraduate studies. He worked for Outdoor Recreation under Athletics & Recreation and was a part of many other clubs. He played for the men’s soccer, co-ed ultimate frisbee and flag football teams at UTSC. He used SCAA as a platform to change the athletic culture more positively and promoted better inclusivity to all students at UTSC. He is excited for the new turf field house to be built.

When Noah came in as a first-year student, the Management and Information Technology Specialist had little to no faculty representation nor any club representation. There was no community for students in this field. Due to this, very few students knew about the specialist and even fewer students graduated from the specialist. By Co-founding the Management Technology Association, Noah changed all this. He worked alongside faculty members to change the program requirements and encourage enrollment. He then connected with alumni and industry professionals to provide workshops, networking events, case competitions, and info sessions. Through this, Noah raised awareness about the specialist while ensuring the proper resources were available to guide students along their journey.

Osaretin (Osas) was heavily invested in the development of the African and Black community at University. He worked closely with the Academic Advising and Career Development Centre to bring career fairs and employment opportunities for black students to the campus. He also volunteered with Imani Mentorship program for Black Middle/High school students. As Co-President of both the African Impact Initiative and the Black students in Business (BSB), he was involved in hosting various workshops, initiatives and conferences for the community. The African Impact conference and the BSB Lead conference are currently among the largest student led initiatives on the campus. 

As the founder of the first club dedicated to empowering and supporting women pursuing the computer science, mathematics and statistics field at UTSC, Sonila’s leadership skills have brought this student group, Women in CMS (WiCSM), the success it has to continue to make an impact both on and off campus. She has inspired many students by leading workshops, panels, and numerous events. Her dedication to support and motivate women also reaches highschools as she continues to inspire, guide, and mentor young female students with a passion to pursue a degree in a field that is working to break gender barriers.

Sylvie is an artist, creative facilitator and community organizer, who is committed to enhancing student engagement in the arts both on and off campus through building partnerships with community organizations, designing accessible art installations, and leading workshops. Throughout her time at UTSC, she held leadership roles with Creative FLOW, Gallery 1265, and Scarborough Fair Magazine. She was also ARTSIDEOUT’s first-ever Director of Community Relations and Development, and the Drama Society’s Festival of the Arts Lobby Curator. What drives Sylvie’s work is the belief that everyone is creative, and that art has the power to heal and connect people across differences.

Throughout her undergraduate experience, Ushnah has consistently strived for student growth and success by coordinating strategic partnerships throughout the UTSC community. She has held multiple leadership roles throughout her undergraduate career in the International Student Centre, at the Law Society of UTSC, and DECA UTSC. As DECA UTSC’s Vice President of Delegate Experience, she is also the recipient of DECA University Canada’s “Member of the Year” award, the Management and Economics Students’ Association’s “Executive of the Year” award, and a recipient of the Global Citizenship Certificate for her eagerness to learn and honour the diverse cultures and identities that influence our institution.

Through leadership, passion, kindness and hard-work, Tahsin spent her undergrad years committed to making a positive impact, both on-and-off campus. Aside from academics, she devoted herself to clubs like Doctors without Border, Oxfam, Model-UN, HOSA and many more clubs. Through collaboration with her peers, she initiated projects like Voice to Them, a club that raised $5000 to help COVID-impacted students in Bangladesh and Canada, and, an online initiative that provides evidence-based psychology knowledge of COVID-19 to the general public. She also received the Student Engagement Award. This fall she will be returning to UTSC to pursue her PhD, with the hopes of making many more contributions.