Q&A with Graciel Ballesteros

Two work-study students with Athletics & Recreation at U of T Scarborough

Meet Graciel Ballesteros

Graciel is a fifth-year student in the life sciences program doing a double major in neuroscience and psychology. Outside the classroom Graciel is a work-study student with Athletics & Recreation in an Outreach Coordinator role. This Q&A series explores the work-study and volunteer opportunities available to U of T Scarborough students. 

What made you choose this opportunity? 

I chose the opportunity to get involved with the Athletics & Recreation department because I wanted to be inspired to live a healthier active lifestyle. From there, I wanted the opportunity to share the experiences I've had from participating in the different activities offered. I genuinely enjoy being part of a community that has been built on taking care of our physical and mental well-being.  

What do you like most about the work-study position with Athletics & Recreation?

I have to say that it's hands down seeing the passion that other students and staff have for different sports and physical activities. It's the excitement that people have about getting others involved and learning about the different ways to be active on campus. In fact, if I may rephrase it: it's not what I like most, but rather what I love most!  

Describe a skill or something you learned during your work-study experience...

I continue to learn that everyone has a story: the people you meet, and the diversity you see - it's what makes our campus so great. All these stories teach me to be more mindful and aware of the different situations or challenges that students may face or have overcome. 

How do other students get involved with Athletics & Recreation?

There are many opportunities available which can be found on Career Learning Network (CLN). Students can get involved with: outreach, outdoor recreation, Sneaker Squad, interhouse, intramurals, or MoveU as a volunteer. 

What is one thing every U of T Scarborough student should do before they graduate?

I highly recommend every UTSC student to get on the rock climbing wall! It's a lot of fun and a great workout (plus you get a cool sticker on the back of your T-Card after completing a learn to climb lesson)! 

Where do you imagine yourself in five years?

Oh my, I would like to say I see myself with a Master's degree and a Volkswagen Jetta.