Exam Jam

What is Exam Jam?

Exam Jam is an event with various study and stress-busting activities to support students with upcoming final exams. Students are welcome to join in the fun for a single session or participate in as many as possible!

When is Exam Jam?

Exam Jam is held at the end of every fall and winter term. Exam Jam will be held online this semester on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 11am-9pm.

How Do I Participate?

All students are welcome to participate in Exam Jam activities. Join us online using Zoom. Instructions and login details are available on CLNx. See the full schedule below.


Better Bones by Marianne (TPASC Online Fitness Team)
Better Bones is a muscular conditioning class with an emphasis on bone health. Stand taller and look lighter with core activation, improved posture and balance and become stronger for activities of daily living.
Max Meditation by Nadia Rosemond (Assistant Dean, Student Affairs & Student Life)
Meditation is a mindfulness practice that helps to reduce stress, control anxiety and improve emotional wellbeing. This session will offer guided meditation as well as a space for mindfulness so that you can carry this mindfulness into your exams.
Pet Therapy by Rebekkah Nighswander (Coordinator, First Year Programs, Department of Student Life)
Animals help us to feel connected and time with animals can help to reduce our stress. De-stress before exams with some pet therapy, where students are invited to bring their pets and to share their pet stories. Don't have a pet? That's okay-- join us anyway!
Managing Anxiety During Exams by Dr. Tayyab Rashid (Personal Counsellor, Health & Wellness Centre and Associate Faculty, Psychological Science Graduate Program)
During the exam period, we can feel increased feelings of pressure and panic, especially when writing our exams. This session will focus on strategies for managing anxiety during the exam period so that you can utilize these strategies when preparing for and completing your exams.
Global Storytelling by Anushay Irfran Khan (Intercultural Education Program Coordinator, International Student Centre)
Storeytelling helps us to learn about the live's of others and to take new perspectives. Read aloud by Anushay Irfan Khan, take this time to sit back, de-compress and enjoy stories from around the world while connecting to the experiences of the authors and characters of these stories. 
Healthy Eating During Social Distancing by Yee Lee (Registered Nurse, Health & Wellness Centre)
It can be challenge to eat well during exams, let alone during the social distancing period where we may have limited access to our typical foods. Having trouble staying healthy at home? This session will walk you through ways and recipes to eat healthy during this time.
Fireside Chats by Norm Javier (Leadership Programs & CCR Coordinator, Department of Student Life)
Fireside chats are an opportunity for us ask questions, share concerns, and to share our stories. With the shift to online exams and the day-to-day uncertainties due to COVID-19, we imagine that you may have questions and fears about what's going on. Join Norm, from the Department of Student Life, as he responds to and shares pre-submitted questions, concerns, and experiences.
Hatha Flow by Grace (TPASC Online Fitness Team)
Hatha Flow uses hot energy through dynamic movements to strengthen and warm the muscles and cold energy to bring balance and relaxation to the body. It is a slow flow that is manageable for most beginners.
Study Break: Trivia Night with Norm Javier  (Leadership Programs & CCR Coordinator, Department of Student Life)
As you prepare for exams, it is important to take breaks and connect with others! To take a break, join us for our weekly trivia night. Trivia counts as test prep, right?