About the Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing

Dean of Student Affairs speaking to students at U of T Scarborough

The Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing provides leadership and general oversight for the entire division of student experience, including the following student services:

The Office also provides unique campus services such as budget leadership for the Council on Student Services, maintaining a Parents & Family website, managing the undergraduate Academic Travel Fund and IT coordination for all departments. The Office also functions as a clearing house for information and referral related to the student co-curricular and extra-curricular experience.

Led by Desmond Pouyat, Dean of Student Experience & Wellbeing, and reporting directly to the Principal and Vice-President, the Office is primarily charged with the responsibility of supporting the academic and personal success of UTSC students by ensuring that appropriate, efficient and student-friendly services are always in place. Student Affairs approaches education as an integrated holistic learning experience which values student development opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

The Dean of Student Experience & Wellbeing also has a special responsibility to ensure the maintenance of healthy relationships with the student leadership and to advise the Principal of general matters impacting the quality of the student experience.

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