Political Theory

Courses in Political Theory explore ideas, such as justice and legitimacy, that are fundamental to political thought and practice, giving special attention to reading and interpreting the classic expositions of politics from ancient Greek philosophers to post-modern social theorists.

We have four excellent faculty that teach within this area of focus:

Professor Margaret Kohn

Professor Neil Roberts

Associate Professor Torrey Shanks

Assistant Professor Ryan Hurl

Political Theory POLB30H3 Law, Justice, and Rights
POLB72H3 Introduction to Political Theory
POLC31H3 Contemporary Africana Social and Political Philosophy
POLC37H3 Global Justice
POLC70H3 Political Thought:  Foundations of Justice, Citizenship and Power
POLC71H3 Political Thought:  Rights, Revolution and Resistance
POLC72H3 Liberty
POLC73H3 Modern Political Theory
POLC74H3 Contemporary Political Thought
POLC79H3 Feminist Political Thought
POLD30H3 Legal Reasoning
POLD45H3 Constitutionalism
POLD67H3 The Limits of Rationality
POLD70H3 Topics in Political Theory
POLD74H3 The Black Radical Tradition
POLD75H3 Property and Power

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