Beyond the Classroom

The UTSC Department of Political Science is excited to launch our new 2020 Beyond the Classroom experiential learning program. This program is an opportunity for first- and second- year students to volunteer for a day or two a week during the summer within a structured, supervised program that will help you acquire or refine important skills relevant to your degree. We think that it is so important that you are able to pursue regular volunteer or internship opportunities within political campaigns, government agencies and non-profit organizations that the department will provide you with a small stipend. Please see below for more information.

Program Description:
With the assistance of job placement specialists in the co-op office, students will secure their own volunteer internships according to their interests in government, politics, political advocacy groups, or non-profit organizations.

Program Requirements:
Students must work a minimum of 80 hours during a 12-week term and will be required to complete four hours of training in workshops organized by our internship coordinator. These workshops will include vital tasks like Excel spreadsheet usage, writing briefing notes or press releases, as well as professional workplace conduct and job search techniques. Students and employers will periodically confirm satisfactory attendance and work performance during the term with our internship coordinator.

At the end of the term, students will be required to give a short presentation about their work experience and write a report (700-1000 words, or about 2-3 pages long). The written report will be in the form of a research design proposal or a reflection on something at work that related to themes from a course taken at UTSC.

Each student will receive a $1000 stipend during the term they complete their internship.

$250 will be paid to each student when they sign an agreement outlining their duties and attend the first skills workshop. Another $500 will be given to students upon confirmation of a signed sheet attesting to the hours they worked. The last $250 will be paid to students after completing an oral presentation about their experience and turning in a final response paper.

Academic Credit:
Completion of this opportunity will result in a line added to your co-curricular record, not in academic credit towards graduation. Students who want to receive academic credit related to their volunteer experience can apply for a guided research course credit (POLD98H3/POLD95H3) during any of the following two terms to carry out the proposed research from their written report, including any research related to continuing work with their organization. Academic credit is subject to availability of faculty supervision for an independent study.

Applicant eligibility requirements:
-          Priority will be given to students in their 1st or 2nd year of studies (a completion of less than 11.0 FCEs)

-          Must have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 

-          Must be enrolled in a specialist, major or minor program within the Department of Political Science (including Public Law and Public Policy)

Application Due Date: TBA Summer 2021

1.       Complete an application form via the following link: TBA

2.       Submit your résumé to

NOTE: Our internship coordinator can provide assistance in helping you identify potential placement partners. However, all students are responsible for securing their own internship placements.