The Department offers undergraduate Specialist, Major, and Minor programs in Political Science. It is also responsible for the interdisciplinary Major and Major Cooperative programs in Public Policy. The Department of Political Science also offers a Minor in Public Law. You can also learn more about our award-winning faculty and their teaching and research interests under the Faculty section. As you will discover, their expertise extends well beyond Canada to cover all regions of the globe.


Programs in Political Science

Political Science is the study of the enduring issues, from ancient to modern times, of power and authority, citizenship and governance, justice and legitimacy, and conflict and cooperation.

Programs in Public Law

The Minor in Public Law examines how the legal system, of which the constitutional order and judiciary are integral parts, governs the relationship both among constituent units of the state and between citizens and the state.

Programs in Public Policy

The Major Program in Public Policy equips students with the analytical and methodological skills to secure employment as policy analysts in government, business, and non-governmental sectors, or to continue to graduate training in public policy.