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Citizens & The State in Authoritarian Regimes Book Cover
International Security Journal Cover
A Cage of Voices: Producing and Doing Dagongmei in Contemporary China
A Tale of Two Copenhagens: Carbon Markets and Climate Governance
A twenty-first century foreign policy for Canada in the Middle East and North Africa
Agenda for Peace or Budget for War? Evaluating the Economic Impact of International Intervention in Somalia
Canadian Journal of Political Science: Journal Cover
Canadian Journal of Political Science cover
Building durable climate clubs: Lessons from a comparative study of the APP and CEM
Canadian First Ministers’ Conferences and Heresthetic Strategies: Explaining Alberta’s Position on Multiculturalism at the 1971 Victoria Conference
Canadian values and the Muslim world
Crossroads: Experimenting with a Global Response after Kyoto Book Cover
Climate politics, metaphors and the fractal carbon trap
Comparing Strategic Voting Under FPTP and PR
Constructing a Complex World: The Frontiers of International Relations Theory and Foreign Policy Making
Contending Perspectives on Global Governance Coherence and Contestation
Darwin’s Finches or Lamarck’s Giraffe? Does IR get Evolution Wrong
Diplomacy and Controversies in Global Security Studies: The Sea Power Anomaly and Soft Balancing
Disguised Collective Action in China