Getting Involved on Campus

We encourage all of our students in the Department of Political Science to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus as part of your undergraduate experience. These opportunities can help build lasting friendships and connections that can become an important part of your time at UTSC and long after your studies. With over 150 clubs and organizations available across three campuses, created by students, there are a lot to choose from, with a great variation of fields of interest. For a complete list of clubs at the University of Toronto Scarborough please click here.
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For some of the most popular clubs on campus for Political Science, Public Policy and Public Law students, please see the list below:

Department Student Association (DSA)

PSSA Political Science Student Association

The Political Science Student Association (PSSA) is the Departmental Student Association (DSA) representing political science, public policy, and public law students at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  They are committed to serving as a liaison between students and the Department of Political Science, advocating for the academic interests of students, creating external (including career and post-graduate) opportunities for students, maintaining a nonpartisan, non-oppressive space for all, and promoting the study of political science and public policy.

For more information please visit PSSA


Law Society of UTSC

The Law Society of UTSC is a student-run organization that aims to engage the student community by actively providing learning opportunties pertaining to legal issues and post-graduate education. 

For more information please visit LSOU   and their Moot & Mock Trial  programs

UTSC Women in Politics

UTSCWiP gives a platform for women to address gender-specific challenges learning, working and researching in the field of politics and strives to provide an inclusive environment to help students connect with others who possess the same passion creativity, ambition and diligence to strive in the world of politics and social sciences. 

For more information please visit UTSCWiP

Scarborough Model United Nations

Each year SMUNC holds a conference on the current problems of the day through a meaningful political discussion on provincial and or federal politics. The Scarborough Model United Nations Conference is run by highly motivated individual groups at UTSC for students with a thirst for passion for International Relations

If you would like more information please visit SMUNC

Canadian Diplomatic Invitational

CDI is UTSC's undergraduate-level Model United Nations conferece, emphasising resolution building, current affairs in geopolitis, international development, and oratory skills.

For more information please visit CDI

UTSC World Politics Club

The club is designed to serve as an environment in which people can discuss, debate, and learn about current and historical political issues. Members of all political leanings are welcome. Public debates, learning sessions, and lectures will be available.

For more information please visit WPC


Campus Associations & Organizations

Co-op Students’ Association

The CSA is a student association designed around organizing and implementing events, providing all necessary resources and acting as a unified voice on behalf of all Co-op students at the University of Toronto Scarborough. 

If you are a Co-op Student and would like more information, please visit the CSA.

UTSC International Student Centre

The International Student Centre is here to provide you with all of the support and guidance you will need during your time at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Our transition advisors are available to assist international and exchange students and newcomers with Immigration and Transition support, and answer any of the questions you may have. We support all students to develop their intercultural skills and global mindfullness through our Global Learning programs

Please visit the UTSC International Student Centre site here

UTSC Department of Student Life

The Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing, Student Life Programs at the University of Toronto Scarborough offers exciting programs, cultivates strong communities and provides opportunities that enhance the student experience outside of the classroom.

Please visit the Department of Student Life here

Student Housing Advisory Committee


The Student Housing Advisory Committee (SHAC) provides residence students with the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas with Student Housing & Residence Life at UTSC. This committee is critical in providing feedback on matters that include services, resources, programming, policies, budget, and departmental priorities.


Check out SHAC


Student Union

Scarborough Campus Student Union

The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) is committed to providing effective advocacy, enriching the undergraduate student body’s university experience, and addressing student needs and interests through the delivery of exemplary, cost-saving services.
Check out SCSU
UTSC Campus Council
The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) Campus Council is a governance body that has been established by and Reports to the Governing Council. It is comparable to a Board of the Governing Council. On behalf of the Governing Council, the UTSC Campus Council exercises governance oversight on campus specific matters. In general, it is concerned with the Campus' objectives and priorities, the development of short and long term plans, and the effective use of resources in the course of these pursuits.
For more information please visit here