Public Policy

Public Policy courses examine the context, institutions, and processes of policy-making and implementation, as well as concepts and criteria for policy evaluation. In this subfield, we teach students how to address theories of how policy is made and the influence of key actors and institutions.

We have four excellent faculty that teach within this area of focus:

Professor Grace Skogstad

Associate Professor Renan Levine

Associate Professor Stefan Renckens

Associate Professor Phil Triadafilopoulos

Assistant Professor Nicole Bernhardt

Assistant Professor Titilayo Soremi


Public Policy POLB40H3* Quantitative Reasoning for Political Science and Public Policy
PPGB11H3   Policy Communications with Data
PPGB66H3   Public Policy Making
POLC11H3   Applied Statistics for Politics and Public Policy
POLC12H3  Global Public Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
POLC13H3   Program Evaluation
POLC36H3   Law and the Public Policy
POLC53H3* Canadian Environmental Policy
POLC54H3* Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
POLC57H3* Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy
POLC65H3   Political Strategy
PPGC67H3* Public Policy in Canada
POLC83H3* Applications of American Foreign Policy
POLC93H3* Public Policies in the United States
POLD50H3* Political Interests, Political Identity and Public Policy​​​​​​​
POLD52H3* Immigration and Canadian Political Development
PPGD64H3* Comparative Public Policy​​​​​​​
POLD67H3* The Limits of Rationality
POLD89H3  Global Environmental Politics
POLD90H3* Public Policy and Human Development in the Global South


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