Canadian Government and Politics

Canadian Government and Politics content covers the political-institutional foundations, political processes and public policies of Canada. Topics covered are the Canadian constitution, the executive, parliament, the public service, the federal system, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the courts, political parties, the electoral system, interest groups, social movements, Quebec nationalism, and aboriginal self-determination

We have five excellent faculty that teach within this area of focus:

Associate Professor Christopher Cochrane

Associate Professor Robert Schertzer

Assistant Professor Andrew McDougall

Assistant Professor Chadwick (Chad) Cowie

Senior Lecturer & Distinguished Visitor David Onley


Canadian Government and Politics

POLB50Y3 Canadian Government and Politics
POLC21H3 Voting and Elections
POLC32H3 The Canadian Judicial System
POLC33H3 Politics of International Human Rights
POLC52H3 Indigenous Nations and the Canadian State
POLC53H3 Canadian Environmental Policy
POLC54H3 Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
POLC56H3 Indigenous Politics and Law
POLC57H3 Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy
POLC58H3 The Politics of National Identity and Diversity
POLC59H3  Sources of Power: The Crown, Parliament and the People
PPGB66H3 Public Policy Making
PPGC67H3 Public Policy in Canada
POLC68H3 The Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
POLD50H3 Political Interests, Political Identity, and Public Policy
POLD51H3 Topics in Canadian and Comparative Politics
POLD52H3 Immigration and Canadian Political Development
POLD53H3 Political Disagreement in Canada
POLD54H3 Michi-Saagiig Nishnaabeg Nation Governance and Politics
POLD58H3 The New Nationalism in Liberal Democracies
POLD59H3 Politics of Disability


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