Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics courses cover problems of political change and development in areas such as Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Political participation and mobilization, transitions to democracy and ethnic and religious conflict are some of the themes dealt with in comparative politics courses.

We have five excellent faculty that teach within this area of focus:

Professor Lucan Ahmad Way

Professor Paul Kingston

Associate Professor Diana Fu

Associate Professor Renan Levine

Assistant Professor Filiz Kahraman

Comparative Politics POLB90H3 Comparative Development in International Perspective
POLB91H3 Comparative Development in Political Perspective
POLC16H3 Chinese Politics
POLC21H3 Voting and Elections
POLC22H3 Ethnic Conflict and Democratization in Europe After the Cold War
POLC34H3 The Politics of Crime
POLC39H3 Comparative Legal Systems
POLC42H3 Topics in Comparative Politics
POLC58H3 The Politics of National Identity and Diversity
PPGB66H3 Public Policy Making
POLC69H3 Political Economy: International and Comparative Perspectives
POLC83H3 Applications of American Foreign Policy
POLC90H3 Development Studies: Political and Historical Perspectives
POLC91H3 Latin America: Dictatorship and Democracy
POLC92H3 The American Political Process
POLC93H3 Public Policies in the United States
POLC94H3 Globalization, Gender and Development
POLC96H3 State Formation and Authoritarianism in the Middle East
POLC97H3 Protest Politics in the Middle East
POLC99H3 Latin America: The Politics of the Dispossessed
POLD44H3 Comparative Law and Social Change​
POLD51H3 Topics in Canadian and Comparative Politics
PPGD64H3 Comparative Public Policy
POLD67H3 The Limits of Rationality
POLD90H3 Public Policy and Human Development in the Global South
POLD91H3 Comparative Perspectives on Contentious Politics
POLD92H3 Survival and Demise of Dictatorships
POLD94H3 Selected Topics on Developing Areas


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