Virtual Tutoring

Photo of student at computer at virtual tutoring website.

Look online for math homework, exam help, and to connect with a live, professional tutor! The Math and Stats Learning Center now provides online tutoring for students enrolled in first-second year mathematics and statistics courses at UTSC.
Check the schedule to find out when the following chat room will be available for online help for Math (January 14th - April 19th) and Stats (January 28th - April 12th):

Subject TA Day Time
Math David Monday 7-8pm  (until Feb. 11th)
Math David Tuesday 7-8pm (starting Feb. 19th)
Math David Thursday 8-9pm
Stats Bo Monday 9-10pm
Stats Mehdi Tuesday 7-9pm

Provide "username" as your "UTORid" (not a student number!) and click "Login". Ask your questions in the text message field.  If you are using the cell phone, you can take a picture of your questions and upload it (push an image icon at the bottom field).  The chat room supports Latex expression and Math Editor for novice users.  It is very easy to learn how to use built-in functions and you can always get help from the TA who is chatting with you.
If there are any technical issues, you can always communicate with the TA via his/her email:

If you have any questions about this new service, feel free to contact us.