AC 312 Schedule

The Math & Stats Help Centre

The Math & Stats Help Centre is located at room AC 312.  The centre is open year round offering help for any mathematics courses. Students are encouraged to drop by any time when teaching assistants are available. 


Math Help Schedule for Fall  2018

Sep 10 - Dec14

Math TA Day Time
Parker Monday 10-12pm,2-4pm,5-6pm
Schinella Tuesday 11:30-2:30pm
Fazle Wednesday 10-12pm
Pourya Wednesday 3-7pm
Reema Thursday 2-4pm
David Friday 11-12pm

Come and talk to our undergraduate learning facilitators for your math questions

Learning Facilitator Day Time
Jun Monday 1-3pm
Nicki Tuesday 2-4pm
Hoang Wednesday 11am-12pm
Nicki Wednesday 1-3pm
Hoang Thursday 11am-1pm
Hoang Friday 2-3pm