Printer Recommendations

Model Options Toners Volume Printer Type
HP Laserjet M507dn 500 sheets tray, extra memory, extended on-site warranty Contact IITS Helpdesk 2000 - 7500 pages/month Black and White Printers
HP Laserjet Enterprise M608dn Extended on-site warranty, extra memory, 1500-sheet extra tray Contact IITS Helpdesk 5000 - 16000 pages/month Black and White Printers
HP Laserjet Pro M404dn 550 sheets tray Contact IITS Helpdesk 750 - 4000 pages/month Black and White Printers
printer HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color Printer M553dn 500-sheet Paper and Heavy Media Tray Contact IITS Helpdesk 1500 - 5000 pages/month Colour Laser Printers
printer HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdn 250 Sheet Tray (letter or legal) Contact IITS Helpdesk 1000 - 2500 pages/month Multifunction Printers (MFP)
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdn (Black & White) 500 Sheet Tray (letter or legal) Contact IITS Helpdesk 750 - 4000 pages/month Multifunction Printers (MFP)
HP Colour LaserJet M452DN HP Colour LaserJet M454DN 500 Sheet Tray Contact IITS Helpdesk 750 - 4000 Pages/month Colour Laser Printers


Printer FAQs

  • If paper is stuck, do not tug on jammed paper to the point of ripping
  • Remove the paper tray and check for any crumpled paper
  • Check to make sure the paper adjusters in the tray are not loose
  • Take out the toner cartridge to check for crumpled paper underneath
  • Contact IITS if none of these tips apply to your paper jam as it may be a sensor issue.

These junk print jobs are a result of network exploit attempts from outside the University. Printers being part of the same network; respond by printing numerous junk pages.This happens throughout all three campuses. The only means of preventing these junk pages from printing is to setup firewall rules on the printer to force the printer to ignore any requests coming from outside the University network; assuming the printer itself has firewall capabilites. All IITS recommended HP printers have firewall capabilities. Please contact IITS (x7618) if you're experiencing these volume junk prints.If your printer has firewall capabilites, the rules can be setup in a few minutes. 

  • Power the print off and then back on again after 10 seconds
  • If the printer is a network printer, trace the network cable (ususally blue) to see if it connects to a network switch box. If so, make sure the box is powered on. Powering the box off and then back on again resets the switch and the networking to the printer.
  • If the printer is stil not printing, please contact IITS

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