Computer Labs

Current Lab Availability


Windows Labs

Room Platform No. of Computers Other Hardware Who can use it
Open to all students
Library windows 78 printer All Students
BV466 (temporarily unavailable) windows 21+1 Instructor projector All Students
BV469 windows 38+1 Instructor projector All Students
BV471 windows 40+1 Instructor projector All Students
BV481 windows 1 (Instructor) projector All Students
BV487 windows 3 printer All Students
BV490 windows 44 printerscanner All Students
BV498 windows 53 + 1 Instructor printerprojector All Students
Labs with special access
AC286 (temporarily unavailable) windows 28 projector Library instructional lab  
HL205 windows 23 projector Students enrolled in Geography/Cities Studies courses
IC108 windows 52 printer Students enrolled in MG courses
IC181 windows 10 printer Students registered in Department of Management Co-op
SW316 windows 36 projector Psychology instructional lab 

Mac Labs

Room Platform No. of Computers Other Hardware Who can use it
BV482 apple 5 + 1 Instructor projector Students enrolled in ACM Courses                                                                                                              
BV494 apple 25 + 1 Instructor printerprojectorscanner Students enrolled in ACM Courses

Linux Labs

Room Platform No. of Computers Other Hardware Who can use it
BV473 linux 40   Students enrolled in B/C/D-level CSC Courses
IC308 linux 20   Lab access only during CMS tutorials 
IC406 linux 50 printerprojector Students enrolled in C/D-level CSC Courses                                                                                             

Lab Bookings

You can book a computer lab on Intranet. An IITS Lab Co-ordinator will review the booking. In the case of a conflict, priority is given to academic bookings.  Please direct any questions to Jason Holtz

Linux Lab Login Issues

While the IITS Windows computer labs can be accessed using your UTORid account, our Linux labs are maintained by the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Login access to labs are typically restricted to those students enrolled in B, C or D level CSC courses. 

It's not uncommon for students to experience difficulties logging into these workstations. If you are having trouble logging in, please consult the quick FAQ reference guide for some solutions to common issues. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the Student Helpdesk

Conferences and Sponsored Events

Usage charges are as follows:

  • $150/day/lab
  • $45/hr for any software installation, if required, and provided it is compatible with lab configuration
  • If part of or all the booking is scheduled outside the normal Student Helpdesk business hours, $18/hr charge applies for the extra time the helpdesk has to remain open

Visitor Lab Access 

Students visiting from UTSG or UTM will need to request visitors status via the visitors webform in order to have authorized access on UTSC lab workstations via their UTORids. After submitting the form, you will have access for the duration of the semester within 5-15 minutes, and can signup again next term for further access. If you receive an error message upon form submission, please contact the Student Helpdesk.


You can request booking of a computer lab through the intranet.

Usage Policy

In accordance with its mission, IITS goal is to maintain a safe and quiet environment in computer labs and to ensure an atmosphere conducive to study in all computing facilities on campus. It is expected that UTSC students will use the computing facilities responsibly and with respect to the fellow students and abide by the lab usage policy



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