Classroom Support

Room Capacity Features Assistive Listening System Type Physical Accessibility
AA112 300 Teaching Station Yes Lecture Theatre Yes
AA204 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-Flat Yes
AA205 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-Flat Yes
AA206 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-Flat Yes
AA207 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-Flat Yes
AA208 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-Flat Yes
AA209 40 Teaching Station Junior No Classroom-flat (piano) Yes
AA303 70 Teaching Station Yes Classroom-flat (piano) Yes

Classrooms equipped with a Teaching Station or Teaching Station Jr. are multimedia enhanced rooms that help provide an enhanced learning enviroment for students. Many classrooms have Teaching Stations built-in to the room itself and provide standard function and user interface.  

Please contact UTSC AccessAbility Services for information about disability-related supports and accommodations for students.

For technical questions about assistive listening systems on campus, please contact

Help Videos

Click on the respective link to watch a video guide on using the Teaching Station and Teaching Station Jr.

Lecture Capture

The WebOption Lecturecasting service provides you with the opportunity to engage in flexible learning, anytime, anywhere. Participating lectures are video recorded and made available for you to view online as internet video within 24 hours of the live lecture. Please visit the WebOption website ( for more details.

Using Camtasia Relay, it is possible for a lecturer to record the onscreen display from their computer-based presentation as well as their voice, creating a rich-media video stream of the lecture which can then be viewed at a later date by students.   It offers simple editing tools that allow you to crop the beginning and/or end points, or extract a section from the middle of the presentation. Camtasia Relay is not able to capture external video sources such as document camera, and has a limited capability for onscreen animation.

Camtasia Relay is available on all UTSC classroom podium PCs and can be used on your personal computer.  A step-by-step guide for installing and using Camtasia Relay is available online here.