Lecture Capture

IITS offers a lecture capture service for any academic course happening on campus. There are two main flavours of the service: AuRA and WebOption.



UTSC Classroom from AuRA system

UTSC’s Automated Recording Apparatus (AuRA) is a new recording system using AI-powered, auto-tracking cameras to follow the instructor as they move around the front of the classroom. Projected content (slides, images, etc.) is captured in a separate video stream while all audio signals from the podium are captured as well. Recordings start and stop automatically according to a pre-programmed schedule, appearing in Quercus within three hours of the end of class.

AuRA is currently available in the following classrooms:


AA112 HW216 IC208 IC302 MW120 SW143
AC223 IC120 IC212 IC320 MW140 SW309
HL-B101 IC130 IC220 IC326 MW160 SW311
HW214 IC200 IC230 IC328 MW170 SW319
HW215 IC204 IC300 MW110 SW128 SY110


Modern lecture capture at UTSC began with WebOption over a decade ago.  A trained student videographer sets up a camcorder, tripod, and wireless microphone kit at the back of your classroom before each lecture.  The recordings are of high quality; the videographer follows the instructor around the room and they are able to capture student discussion in smaller classrooms via built-in camera microphone.  This recording method is still the best and only way to film instructors who teach mainly with chalk and blackboard.   Recordings appear on Quercus within 24 hours of the end of the lecture.


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