12-week Academic Preparation Program

Your classes will take a wide variety of formats. You will work with your instructor and classmates as a whole class and in groups. You will also do individual work, or work with one or two other classmates. Throughout the session you will receive feedback from your instructors. You are expected to be punctual and to be prepared for all classes.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students will have learned the skills and strategies necessary to help them:

  1. Follow academic lectures and take effective notes
  2. Participate in and lead discussions
  3. Prepare and deliver group seminars and presentations
  4. Produce a variety of unified, well-developed pieces of writing
  5. Use a variety of sentence structures to express complex academic ideas
  6. Understand and critically analyze a range of interdisciplinary academic texts
  7. Respond appropriately to a variety of text types (written, visual, graphic)
  8. Improve understanding of vocabulary, colloquialisms, jargon and technical language
  9. Apply strategies in exam preparation
  10. Develop a student portfolio highlighting strengths and goals
  11. Listen to a variety of recorded or live materials, and respond appropriately
  12. Access facilities and services available to all UTSC students
  13. Interact with instructors and fellow students
  14. Develop facility in the use of Blackboard and other technologies