Student Housing

Student Housing Rendering


The Green Path Program residence life is coordinated by Retail & Conference Services at U of T Scarborough. It is designed to integrate living and learning experiences in ways consistent with the educational goals of the University.

Students living in our community can expect safe accommodation in furnished, well-maintained townhouses. They can expect to be supported both personally and academically and to experience a wide range of educational opportunities.

To enter the undergraduate program in the fall, students must make arrangements for new accommodation at their own expense. This can be in U of T Scarborough student residences or off-campus if they prefer. Note that the University is not responsible for the arrangement or condition of off-campus housing.

We strongly recommend that students stay in residence for their first year of study to help them get accustomed to their new environment. To do so, they must meet all application requirements and deadlines for on-campus accommodation. 

For more information, please visit Student Housing & Residence Life.