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Green Path- China is an innovative pathway admissions program that provides incoming undergraduate students from China with an advanced Canadian-style learning environment that leads to a degree from the University of Toronto.

The program teaches active participation, research skills, and provides a thorough understanding of academic integrity requirements. Students adapt to their new life in Canada while engaging in an intensive study of academic English. After successful completion of the program, students begin their first-year of undergraduate studies where they are well supported by University faculty and staff.

Upon completion of their undergraduate degree graduates will be fluent in English while retaining their first language, are well positioned to continue into advanced degree programs, qualified to compete for highly desirable positions with top companies across Canada and around the world, and will enjoy the benefits of membership in a network of over 530,000 University of Toronto alumni.

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University of Toronto Scarborough Program Prerequisites

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Document Check List

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Green Path Program Admission Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains answers to commonly-asked questions for 2019 Green Path Program application.