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Entrance Examination

The University of Toronto Green Path Program 2021 Entrance Examination will take place from Mid to Late October this year in China. There will be 8 Exam Centres span across China this year including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Fuzhou, and Shenzhen. The Written Section (English and Mathematics) will be an in-person test. The written Section will take 3 hours. Applicants must arrive at the exam center 30 minutes before the start of their exam. Applicants must present their Identification Document or passport in order to enter the Exam Centre.

The Speaking Section will be conducted on a different test date and is done remotely via Zoom. The Speaking Test will be conducted at night time following Beijing time (China Standard Time).

Applicants who submitted their application and paid the application fee will receive the Green Path 2021 Entrance Examination notification email no later than October 10, 2020. This email shall include their specific exam location, time, and exam guideline. There will be a separate speaking test notification email sent as well.

Applicants should make the appropriate travel arrangement to the exam location after receiving the exam notification email. Applicants should bring the following items to the exam: Identification document (ID Card)/ Passport, Water/drinks, stationary, watch. If you are unable to write the exam at the specific allocated location and date, or you did not receive the exam notification email by October 10, 2020,  you should contact our Green Path Office at once, email address:

Click here for the U of T Green Path Program 2021 Entrance Examination Written Section Exam Centre Date and location.