Instructions for the Green Path Program Application

Instructions for the Green Path Program Online Application

  • This application must be completed only by the applicant. All applicants must provide their personal email address for any future email correspondence from the University
  • All fields must be entered in English unless otherwise specified
  • All documents not in English must be translated into English and notarized
  • All transcripts (except for “Hui Kao”– Graduation Examination, if applicable) should be in a numerical grading system. If your school uses an alphabetical grading system, please ask them to provide a conversion chart
  • You may save your online application form in process, and complete it later
  • Please refer to the Document Checklist  to make sure you have provided all required documents
  • For best results, please use Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 37+, Safari 7+, or Chrome 42+. Other browsers may cause issues during your application