Registered Students

All current part-time and full-time UTSC students, who have paid their incidental fees, have free access to the athletic facilities at UTSC, including the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and the UTSC Tennis Centre, the athletic facilities on the other UofT campuses and a wide array of free programming. You will also be eligible to register for a number of Athletics and Recreational programs (registered programs, climbing courses, interhouse, learn to play) at an additional cost.


Non-Registered Students

Non-registered students, UTSC students who are not taking courses, or are on a co-op term (ie, students who are not paying incidental fees) and who will be returning to full-time or part-time studies in the following semester can purchase a Student Non-Registered membership to access the facilities at UTSC including the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. Purchasing this membership provides you with the same access to Athletics and Recreation programming that a registered student has.

Students on a co-op semester who want to play Intramural sports will be required to purchase this membership, in order to be eligible within the Intramural program.

Non-Registered $152.21 + HST*

*membership fee is pro-rated on a daily basis 


Facility Access

A TCard is required to access facilities and programming.  All U of T students who have paid Athletics Incidental Fees for the term are automatically members of the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.  This includes part-time and full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

TCards MUST be scanned at the turnstiles to access the facilities.  Cards are not transferrable.  Misuse of a TCard including card sharing will result in immediate suspension to the Athletics and Recreation facilities.

Forgot Card

Students may access the facilities without their TCard up to 3 times per term.  Please see the Customer Service desk and be prepared to provide photo identification.