Graduate Education

UTSC has seen significant growth in the number of graduate students over the last decade. Currently over 500 graduate students call UTSC home.  Approximately half of these students are in UTSC based graduate departments - Physical & Environmental Sciences and Psychological Clinical Science. The rest are based in graduate departments located on the St. George campus, and have supervisors, and research, that are based at UTSC.  

As the graduate student population has grown, so too has the need for local resources specialized for graduate students. The Vice-Dean Graduate oversees a range of services for graduate students provided through the Campus Graduate Administrator and the Graduate Programs Assistant.  As well, the Vice-Dean Graduate works with other offices on campus to ensure that graduate students can access as many resources as possible right here at UTSC.  For more information about graduate education at UTSC visit the following pages:

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences

Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology