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Explore resources that provide hands-on training in research and data analytics. Gain accredited certifications to boost your learning and build your resume.  Prepare for interviews, networking, and work with our industry career guides and interview guides. Access our physical and online collections. Showcase your knowledge of the markets with the Market Wrap-up. Find opportunities for connection and fun with Management Student Clubs.  

The BRIDGE as a start-up incubator, a library, and research lab, is here to help you succeed. We offer a range of events, workshops, library collections, and open tools for you to explore and engage! Learn more about our Success Stories and be part of our success.

  • Data Tools: Tools, software and educational resources to support data discovery, research, course assignments or startup.
  • Entrepreneurship Resources and Support: Start your entrepreneurship journey with The BRIDGE’s New Venture Program open learning series and explore basic business principles to help perfect your business plans and pitches. 
  • Library Collections: access our physical and online collections.
  • Library Research Skills:  Learn how to leverage U of T Libraries and identify the best sources for your research assignment.
  • New Venture Program and NVP Research Guide: Explore industry and market research resources required to assist in the creation of a business plan and prepare for the launch of a new venture.
  • Research Help: Book a consultation with a member of The BRIDGE research team.
  • Research Resources: Specialized databases that support research, teaching and learning in Management. 
  • Spaces and Technology: access study space and technology, such as phone chargers and specialized financial calculators.
  • Work with us!: We value our student staff team, and their input and work is central to our operation. Students are hired to work for the length of an academic term for both co-op and work study positions. 
  • Workshops and Events: events including special speakers, film screenings, competitions, coding workshops and online hangouts.

Resources for Management Students

Data Tools Database

Find links to software tools, data sources, and educational resources that support research, data-driven inquiry and decision-making.


Check out the YouTube Channel Excel is Fun. Hundreds of how-to finance videos, including spreadsheets for you to download. 




Websites & Blogs

Online Learning Modules

As a student, staff, or faculty member at University of Toronto, you now have access to, an online learning resource with high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized experts. Using your UTORid to log in, you may choose from more than 1,400 online self-paced courses that cover a wide range of topics, including business, IT, software, and design. The website is available to any current student or employee at the university.

See: Access to for Online Courses (available to the University of Toronto community)

Beginner Level:

Learning Python ( 

Python for Data Science Essential Training (

Intermediate Level:

Python: Data Analysis (

pandas Essential Training (

Google's Python Class (Google for Education)



Stata allows you to obtain, manipulate and visualize data. With Stata you can create data models, make inferences and collect your results into reproducible reports. Learn more:

Stata webinars

Stata Youtube Channel


Interested in taking supporting courses for the CFA or the CSC? The School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto offers courses with instructor Michael Hlinka on passing each exam.

For more information, see:

Career, Resume & Interview Resources

Please see the Management Department website for information on student-run Management clubs.