Usage of our facilities also requires compliance with the University's Polices for the following:

Code of Student Conduct

IITS Lab Usage

Code of Conduct

  • The BRIDGE is intended for research, study, and experiential learning.
  • All spaces and resources in The BRIDGE must be used for academic purposes and any other use is limited or prohibited.
  • Students are required to use their own UTORid account when logging into the workstations.
  • Students are not permitted to share their account credentials with anyone else. 

Copyright and terms of use

  • The BRIDGE's resources are used for non-commercial educational or research purposes only. This applies to both resources within The BRIDGE, and data accessed remotely via subscriptions.
  • Internet or wi-fi access will not be used for gaming or downloading torrents.
  • UTSC’s IITS reserves the right to infract or suspend accounts that are engaged in intellectual property theft or copyright infringement. Students are forbidden from using lab workstations to circumvent software, file or material copyrights including pirating, sharing, streaming, or installing unlicensed or 'unlocked' software, file sharing, transferring, storing, casting, streaming, or hosting files that are copyrighted. Student personal devices may also become flagged & blocked from wireless access if engaging in Copyright Infringement. 

Access to spaces

  • The BRIDGE is open to all Faculty, Staff, Students, and partners of the University of Toronto.
  • Access to The BRIDGE Lab computer terminals is limited to students currently enrolled in Management courses.
  • Guest access can be granted only at the discretion of The BRIDGE Faculty and Staff.
  • A public-access terminal is available in The BRIDGE Library to all U of T members.
  • Space booking requests can be made at  The BRIDGE Website.

Teaching in the lab

  • The BRIDGE Finance & Data Lab is not available for exams, with the exception of a limited number of courses requiring the software in the lab. 
  • Faculty teaching in the lab should notify The BRIDGE team with any software needs as soon as possible to ensure a smooth teaching experience. 
  • Faculty teaching in the lab should test the podium and terminals in advance of teaching to ensure a smooth experience.
  • In-class assessments can take place as scheduled in The BRIDGE Lab. 
  • Faculty should be aware that there is a staff office in The BRIDGE Lab, and to expect staff to move in and out of the lab throughout the day. Faculty can connect with The BRIDGE team for any considerations. 

Food and Beverages

  • No food is allowed in The BRIDGE.
  • Only beverages in spill-proof containers are permitted. 
  • Users are requested to dispose of any trash in available receptacles.

Last Updated: Fall 2022