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Partner with The BRIDGE 

The BRIDGE connects training in innovation to initiatives that the Department of Management offers that are well-suited for collaborations with external partners.  These Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) partnerships allow students to apply the theories of Innovation towards the development of solutions to current issues.  The fields of study include consumer behaviour, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, information systems, product management,
data analytics, corporate governance, finance, software engineering,
and entrepreneurship.

The BRIDGE has launched successful project partnerships with corporations, not for profit groups, government, and social impact entrepreneurs that combine the theories of innovation, student learning, and domain expertise to spawn innovative asset development. The Service Delivery Improvement ProjectThe DFI Chatbot Project, The African Impact Challenge, and The Scarborough Restaurant Recovery Project are examples of The BRIDGE Innovation Program in action. 

Faculty Partners

The BRIDGE leverages thought leadership and domain expertise of our faculty across all areas of business and engages those subject matter experts to collaborate on designing solutions.  This knowledge exchange allows The BRIDGE to activate research outcomes in a way that benefits community and industry. 

Mentorship Partners 

Become a mentor to students at the university and connect with the next wave of business graduates entering the industry. Help students develop the skills they need to be successful in today’s industry, showing them the specific in-demand acumen that will help them secure their next career opportunity. 

WIL Partners 

Partner with WIL to create events designed around developing solutions to problems faced by your business. Inject fresh perspective and creativity into your problem-solving process through top students eager to demonstrate their academic and practical prowess. 

How to partner with us 


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For more information on how to partner with us, connect with our team's Entrepreneurship and Work-Integrated Learning Coordinator.