Entrepreneurship Open Learning Series

We welcome students, staff, faculty, alumni, and local and international community of emerging entrepreneurs to enhance your learning of entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship Open Learning Series. 

Start your entrepreneurship journey by completing training modules that teach you core management principles to help perfect your business plans and pitches. 

After you complete the Open Learning Series:

  • You will be able to explain value proposition and utility to help focus on specific motivations for a specific product.
  • You will be able to define target market and describe value specific for a target market to help demonstrate the value built into a product.
  • You will evaluate utility and value of a product within an industry using market research.  
  • You will design a usage scenario for a product.  
  • You will discuss software design principals so to help the development of a product.

Module 1: Self-Assessment: Are You an Entrepreneur?

Modules 2 - 5: Coming Soon


Data Resources for Entrepreneurs

This workshop presentation introduces data types and resources relevant to entrepreneurs. Workshop describes industry and market data, and provides an overview of proprietary and open data resources.

Access: Data Resources for Entrepreneurs

Data Resources for Entrepreneurs, Mariana Jardim & Sarah Shujah, UTSC Libraru










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Contact the Entrepreneurship Librarian to book an entrepreneurship consultation to discuss your business idea, find resources to inform your business plan, locate relevant data for pitch competitions, and more. She’s here to help you excel and accelerate!