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Celeste Ramnarine

Records Management Specialist

  • Program and Specialization: Master of Information
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: EASI UofT - Information Management Analyst 
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE checked all my boxes for an opportunity in information, research, education and community outreach - all areas that I have been involved in, in the past but have never had the opportunity to have all my interests align. Also, the BRIDGE has staff that are enthusiastic and willing to mentor emerging professionals like myself - an environment where growth is prioritized has also been an aim of mine to join.
  • Fun fact: I love collecting and playing unique boardgames.

Shu Cun (Linda) Han

The BRIDGE Finance and Data Analytics Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: Management Co-op - General
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: 1. KPMG: Co-op Staff Accountant 2. Kirkland Lake Gold: Co-op Treasury Analyst 3. Ausenco: Business Development Summer Analyst 4. Wells Fargo: Co-op Corporate Banking Analyst 5. National Bank: Investment Banking Summer Analyst
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Previously worked for the BRIDGE as an Assistant. The staff at the BRIDGE are always supportive and willing to help, which contributes to the great culture in the Management program on campus.
  • Fun fact: In my spare time, I like to bullet journal and listen to k-pop.

Sara Kabani

The BRIDGE Assistant

Program and Specialization: Management

Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A

Why did you choose The BRIDGE? One of the primary reasons I chose UTSC to begin with was the BRDIGE's work and access to resources catered towards getting students to achieve their best technical work to be job-ready. After working a term with the BRIDGE, I realized how supportive, dedicated, and encouraging the entire team was, and I wanted to come back to be able to help out again!

Fun fact: In the last year alone, I've been to over 19 cities!

Robert Matz

Object Learning Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: Library and Information Science, and Critical Information Policy Studies
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? As an MLIS student, to me the BRIDGE represents an important intersection between the Department of Management and the Library. There's so much potential value that can be produced by this kind of cooperative and meaningful relationship, and I'm really happy to have the opportunity to contribute to making resources for both faculty and students!
  • Fun fact: I'm a big fan of foreign films, and really love Wong Kar-wai. 

Hong Pan

Data Science Co-op

  • Program and Specialization: Master of Information - Human Centered Data Science
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Research Assistant at Artificial Intelligence for Justice Lab
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE leads meaningful projects that benefit the community. Becoming a member of this professional team can help me enhance and expand my skillsets. More importantly, it is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of communities.
  • Fun fact: Skydive is on my to-do list.

Ali Rajabali

Special Marketing Content Developer

  • Program and Specialization: Co-op Management, Specializing in Marketing
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Marketing Intern at Canadian Turner Construction Company
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is UTSC's innovation and research hub. It helps students achieve their full potential and entrepreneurial goals. Being a part of the work that The BRIDGE does and having the opportunity in supporting various projects is very fulfilling. 
  • Fun fact: I am a Bollywood fusion/hip hop dancer and choreographer!

Joshua Raphael

Records Management Specialist / Full Stack Web Developer

  • Program and Specialization: BBA Management and Finance
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: AIG (American International Group) - Summer Intern
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? TI chose to work at the BRIDGE because of the vast range of skill sets and knowledge attainable through the work study roles offered here. I personally developed a strong passion for web development and programming through practical exposure in my past work-study position. The team at the BRIDGE are also amazing, talented and kind people who will make sure you not only feel welcomed but also adapted to the job!
  • Fun fact: I know all the geographic capitals of the every country in the world by heart.

Sharon Xiao

ISD/UXD Specialist

  • Program and Specialization: Co-op Management and Information Technology
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: CaseWare, UX Designer
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because I wanted to contribute to the innovation of the UTSC community and collaborate on meaningful projects with a supportive team.
  • Fun fact: I pour the milk before the cereal. 

Raiyan Zakir

Graphics Design and Communications Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: BBA Management and Finance
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: The BRIDGE WIL and Program Assistant 
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is the innovation hub of the university and it is where I can learn most about real-world businesses and enterprises. 
  • Fun fact: I have several hobbies ranging from video games to painting to sports. 

Min Qi Zhang

ISD and UXD Specialist

  • Program and Specialization: Co-op Computer Science
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: CIBC - Application Developer, The BRIDGE - Web App Developer, The BRIDGE - Software Developer
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I used to work at The BRIDGE as a Co-op and Work-Study student. The BRIDGE provides me an opportunity to utilise my skills to make meaningful impacts to the Scarborough community. Through the experiences at The BRIDGE, I learned various skills which will make me a better developer.
  • Fun fact: I thought I was good at math until I took math courses at U of T.