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Picture of toluwanimi

Toluwanimi Adeyeri

Marketing Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I was excited to contribute to AII in whatever way I could, which conveniently meant using the skills I thought were just for fun, for a greater purpose!
  • Fun fact: I love to play the ukulele :)

Picture of Sharon

Sharon Xiao

UI/UX Designer
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Caseware, UX Designer Co-op & Epic Investment Services, Design Co-op
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I had a great time working on innovative and meaningful projects with the team at The BRIDGE in a previous work study, and I wanted to continue where I left off!
  • Fun fact: I love baking and trying out new recipes in my free time

Picture of Ali Rajabali

Ali Rajabali

The BRIDGE Communications & Website Support Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Marketing Intern at Canadian Turner Construction Company
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is UTSC's innovation and research hub. It helps students achieve their full potential and entrepreneurial goals. Being a part of the work that The BRIDGE does and having the opportunity in supporting various projects is very fulfilling. 
  • Fun fact: I am a Bollywood fusion/hip hop dancer and choreographer!

Picture of Chenxu Wang

Chenxu Wang

The BRIDGE Learning Objects Assistant

The BRIDGE Learning Objects Assistant 

  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: This is my first co-op role. 
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I choose the Bridge because it is being described as an innovative space and it is exactly the type of workplace that I hope to work in. I am excited to connect and grow with this team that shares the same values and goals as well as learning new skills in the future.
  • Fun fact: I love woodworking a lot as a hobby and I made a lot of interesting crafts using woods like a jewelry box and even a wooden sword! I enjoy the feeling of making consistent progress everyday toward something as well as the sense of accomplishment when I finally finish each project. 

headshot of Sebastian Stolkiner

Sebastian Stolkiner

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Because it is a unique place for students interested in finance and it provides useful resources.
  • Fun fact: I am a Netflix fan!

Headshot of Vera

Vera-Ann Sackey

  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: 

    • Fidelity Investments Canada - Student, Digital Media Specialist
    • Fidelity Investments Canada- Student, Advisor Sales
    • TD Bank Group- Global Delivery Operations Intern
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I am inspired by The Bridge’s focus on innovative teaching and work-integrated learning. The Bridge provides a space for students and faculty innovators to gain a hands-on learning experience, so I am glad to be part of this team. Furthermore, as a Finance student, this position allows me to practice my knowledge of financial data tools.
  • Fun fact: I'm a big fan of the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Pictur of Camilly

Camilly Fuentes

The BRIDGE Student Assistant


  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Department of Management University of Toronto Scarborough, Marketing and Community Engagement Associate
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because of its supportive and professional community. I like to explore the areas of Finance from outside a classroom while gaining valuable work experience before my first co-op term.
  • Fun Fact: I love to play volleyball and play the piano 

Headshot of aaditiya

Aaditya Samant

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I saw that that BRIDGE was a state-of-the-art finance lab on campus with tech worth thousands of dollars. I chose to apply because opportunity will give me experience for the future, and more importantly - it sounded extremely fun!
  • Fun fact: I am a life long-suffering Arsenal F.C fan. 

picture of Lauraine

Lauraine Ramazani Buledi

The BRIDGE Communications & Website Support Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: EDI Programming & Administrative Co-op & Citizens' Climate Lobby Intern
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose to work at The BRIDGE because of what they stand for and their values. I am always looking for ways to work with community members in some kind of capacity and I knew working with The Bridge would allow me to do that. The BRIDGE is also known as a place for research and entrepreneurship and as a young scholar those are topics I'm highly interested in.
  • Fun fact:  I love all sorts of music and soccer! I am looking forward to the world cup this year so you can find me cheering for Argentina & Canada!

Picture of Aswan

Oswin Hei Yin Ho

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Financial Analyst (MOI & MCCSS)
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? As a final-year student, I would like to help more students to discover and make good use of The BRIDGE's resources. I believe that students can benefit from what The BRIDGE can offer, including the databases, software applications and even the study space.
  • Fun Fact: I broke my leg (and need to sit on a wheelchair) when I was 6 just because I went on the slide for too many time with my cousin. 

Picture of yunrong

Yunrong Liu

Data Scientist
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: IGG company, Quality Assurance
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I have always wanted to work in my own school and apply my learnings from the classroom.
  • Fun fact: I have moved homes 4 times this year

Picture of like

Like Wang

Full Stack Software Application & Web Developer
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? This is a friendly and supportive working environment that can assist students to achieve their goals.
  • Fun fact: My first name "Like" is actually my real name translated from Chinese.

picture of young

Yong Chen

Data Scientist
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Sam's Club Walmart, Data Analyst
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Personally, my future career plan is to be a Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer in the industry. Two key qualifications for this position are 1) knowing how to communicate and explain your ideas and thoughts and 2) exploring a path to achieve the goal, which are also the two main spirits for The BRIDGE -- "Research" and "Innovation". Beyond that, I'd like to have a deeper understanding of how companies and organizations connect their business with the data science world to modify their product and service. Overall, I believe that joining The BRIDGE can boarder my views on different fields and consolidate my skills for being my dream position. 
  • Fun fact: I eat more than I look like.

Picture of Christina

Christina Bholaram

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because of the environment, it is a lovely place to be in. Also, The BRIDGE is full of many opportunities to become involved in, which is why I wanted to become part of this team.
  • Fun fact: I love to watch and play basketball, and I was a part of my elementary and middle school team.

picture of tiny

Tianyu Xing

The BRIDGE and UTSC Campus Farm Project Coordinator
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Since I love trying new things, so I want to join the BRIDGE and work with this group.
  • Fun fact: I am an outgoing person and love to make friends.