Success Stories

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The BRIDGE is a centre for business, research and innovation and we embody these fundamentals in all our projects and initiatives. We work with students, staff and faculty to design projects, host events, develop research, and provide solutions to issues faced by both our academic community, and our wider Scarborough community. We strive to lead meaningful and impactful initiatives that benefit our community and open doors for innovative, entrepreneurial solutions. 

We are proud to provide unique experiential learning opportunities where both students and community partners benefit. Since opening in 2019 our team has launched many innovative projects designed to leverage academic expertise to provide solutions to unique problems. 

We’ve collected a selection of some of our flagship initiatives and media round-up here.

Featured projects

PickEasy Restaurant Matching App


U of T Scarborough students and alumni have been awarded a $30,000 grant from U of T Entrepreneurship and the Lo Family Social Venture Fund to help take their restaurant matching app, PickEasy, to the next level.

Through their app, the PickEasy team—founders Max Woo and Daniel Zhao, technical co-founder Cho Yin Yong, and mentor Mahmound Halat—offer free digital transformation services to independently owned restaurants throughout the Scarborough community to help them navigate COVID-19 safety regulations as effectively as larger chains.

Learn more about the PickEasy Success Story.



Scarborough Health Network

In a WIL collaboration with the Scarborough Health Network (SHN), 4 teams from each of the MGAC70 and MGAD45 classes in the Management program created and presented both technology and corporate sponsorship proposals to SHN. Proposals from winning teams from both courses were selected by SHN for further review and possible implementation into the Network’s existing plans. The project provided students with hands-on experience in applying strategies to meet company goals balanced with the application of technical skills learned in class. It also provided SHN with a fresh perspective on how to approach their proposal plans, as well as several thoroughly explored complete proposals that can serve as starting points for future proposal plans.

For more information on the project, and a testimonial from one of the students involved, check out this video from the Management Department.

Work Integrated Learning with Scarborough Health Network (SHN)

African Impact Initiative

In collaboration with The BRIDGE, the Department of Management and UTSC Library, Obano and the African Impact Initiative have pledged CAD$50,000 to create an accelerator fund, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the University of Toronto’s True Blue Fund, for a total investment of CAD$100,000 to bolster entrepreneurship in several African countries. Over the course of five years, the grant supports the African Impact Challenge, a joint project between African Impact Initiative and The BRIDGE, to partner with local entrepreneurs who are committed to driving social development and long-term economic growth in their home countries—beginning with the Ghana Challenge (2020), then Kenya (2021), then three other host nations—and to provide selected start-ups with systems infrastructure (e.g. reliable internet connection), operational support, and strategic counsel to help them build and deploy their solutions.

Read the full story here: “We’re taking it to the next level”: U of T Scarborough alumnus on empowering African youth innovators through impact entrepreneurship

Service Delivery Improvement Project 

The Management program at U of T Scarborough partnered with the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQLIP) in an effort to improve the organization’s ability to track services and obtain a better sense of newcomer activity in East Toronto. Through The BRIDGE’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, UTSC leveraged faculty expertise, courses, and co-op positions to create a data warehouse platform that successfully collected, aggregated, and analyzed over 90,000 records of refugees and newcomers to the GTA. IN order to optimize services, identify future trends, and support capacity building, students from the UTSC Management program are continuing to collect and analyze this data, gaining new insights and working towards new solutions every day. 

Read the full description here: Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) Project

The BRIDGE Market Wrap Up 

The BRIDGE Market Wrap Up is a student-led initiative to share the most up-to-date markets information with their peers.  The wrap up covers the day’s economic and corporate developments that is most relatable to our undergraduate business students.